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Go for impact and join our team

The talented and diverse Trengo team ensures that customers worldwide benefit from our customer engagement platform. Committed to our ambitions, mission and vision we count on our team. And our values, benefits, growth and culture reflect that.

About trengo

We bring our A-game so businesses can deliver world-class customer experiences

Since our launch in 2017 we’ve kept our focus very simple: ensure growth for our customers. Today, Trengo’s customer engagement platform enables 3000+ businesses to convert, retain and grow their customer base through exceptional customer conversations - on any channel, at any time.

Since day one, our team has taken diverse perspectives and transparent communication and turned them into both bold and intuitive ideas. To dive into a bigger part of our market and branch out to other segments we’re always on the lookout for great minds that can bring the vision needed to combine the power of communication and technology.

At our WhatsApp Commerce ‘22 event

How we make it work

We’re welcoming

Great ideas and better decisions come from fostering all perspectives. So whether people agree or disagree, or come from different backgrounds we always show curiosity, empathy and respect.

We’re transparent

Good news or bad, being open and honest will go a long way. So we work on trust, are honest, increase efficiency and build mutual respect to create space for understanding and innovation.

We take ownership

Being able to rely on each other and seek collaboration will take us far. That’s why we show that we care about results and don’t wait for others to act. We take initiative, set realistic deadlines, communicate often and act.

We focus on growth

We are serious about WOW-ing our customers. We showcase flexibility in our approach, bold ideas and curiosity towards our  results, and schedule the time to grow for ourselves as well as for our team and customers.

The perks, from our essentials to that extra mile

Flexible hours

We offer flexible work hours because we value our work, just as much as we value our personal life.

Remote and hybrid work

For a great work-life balance we mix work from home, being at our amazing office and working from anywhere in the world for 60-days a year.

Growth opportunities

We foster growth. Whether it’s you wanting to work on your Dutch, helping us build high-performing teams or us setting up incentives.

Partner leave

We don’t just offer it (obviously) but we equally want to make sure your time off works for you and your (future) family.

Education budget

When our team grows and develops Trengo does. So needless to say we offer a high budget and days off to stimulate learning.


We’ve definitely got your pension scheme covered. Because we think it’s so important to take the time now to think about our future.

Our recruitment process


We review applications and look for a great fit.

Intro call

You’ll have a quick call with on of our recruiters.


Next up, an online meet up with the team.


Create an example of your thought process.


We’ll make an offer to the best match.

What our team says about Trengo

“Trengo is like a mini representation of the world. You come to our office, you hear different languages, you eat food from different countries, you learn about different cultures. Having that infused to your day-to-day basis just makes Trengo such a unique place to work. You will always feel welcomed!”
Suania, Marketing Team
“Very happy to work with this awesome group of talented and passionate people and to have the room and opportunity to grow both personally and professionally.”
Charlotte, Customer Success
“Working with so many different cultures and types of people within a welcoming environment is such a rewarding and educational experience.”
Evelien, People Team
Trengo’s positive environment has helped me grow personally and share my experiences with the team.
Mohammed, Product team
“I am grateful to work in a company with a culture that fosters openness, supportiveness, and allows me to be my authentic self in any situation.”
Rosi, Customer Success

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