Turn service providers into engagement experts

Customer delight is everyone’s responsibility. With an expert setup, focus, and the right assets your team is ready to deliver the best product and service delivery.
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It takes three steps to turn service providers into engagement experts

You’re only as good as your setup
Your tools affect the end-customer experience. So make sure you have the right customer engagement platform that fits your business.
End-to-end customer journey
Create seamless end-to-end multichannel journeys. When all roads lead to swift pick-ups from the inbox your team will look like experts.
Seamless service with AI
AI and automation allow teams to showcase service delivery expertise. Lean on auto-workflows for collaboration, and AI to help craft the best possible answers.

How do you deal with bad reviews?

Bad reviews happen to everyone. But how does your team look like experts dealing with them.  

Download the guide “How to bounce back from your worst reviews” and turn the worst reviewers into loyal customers.
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How to increase customer satisfaction

Scale customer care

Seamless handovers
Smooth handovers between automation and human support will provide customers with answers and an uninterrupted customer journey. No matter turnover or team shifts.
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Consistent quality
Streamline onboarding for all team members with AI & automation to ensure everyone operates from the same baseline and delivers high-quality service.
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Personal service at speed
Your team doesn't have to re-invent the wheel. Pick the right message templates, use them and keep the conversation going with customers.
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What our customers say about Trengo

I love the possibility of having a single place to receive every customer service inquiry from different platforms. We can assign tickets to other colleagues and be updated in real time with internal comments.
Stefano G.
Trengo allows us to centralize all communication, both internally and with clients, across channels. From WhatsApp to email, and Facebook Messenges to live chat messages, there is now a single place to manage everything.
Jeffrey D.
Group Director
You can communicate with customers and employees alike and get immediate response. The friendly user interface is what's most appealing and wonderful to use. I can recommend this platform to anyone.
Ihab B.
Operations Manager E-Commerce
I'm not one to leave reviews but Trengo has been a game changer for us. As a small e-commerce business our small team struggled to keep on top of the many channels our customers contacted us by.
Julian P
Small Business
One of the best things about Trengo is its powerful automation and collaboration features. The ability to automate repetitive tasks, such as assigning tickets or tagging conversations, saves me and my team a lot of time and effort.
Martijn V.
Operations Manager E-Commerce
What I love about Trengo is how user-friendly it is. Very easy to use so onboarding new agents is a breeze. They were very responsive and it was a delight working with them. Highly recommend Trengo!
Maybelline O.
Customer Experience Manager
It has a virtual assistant, which helps us to attend more fluently to a large number of customers and their demands. The automatic routing also makes our work easier, since it is configured so that the customer can go directly to the agent ...
Verified User
Consumer Goods
You can communicate with customers and employees alike and get immediate response. The friendly user interface is what's most appealing and wonderful to use. I can recommend this platform to anyone.
Johann K.
Small Business

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"Because of the multichannel inbox, we collaborate more easily, and have a complete overview of all customer contact. You can't achieve that with a normal inbox."

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