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Trengo for energy and utilities

Power customer delight with every conversation

Build trust through seamless planning flows and simplified quote-to-purchase journeys. Empower your team to provide the services that power daily life.

Build trust with every conversation

Seamless planning and coordination

Cut down on the time-consuming tasks

Planning and rescheduling can be made easier. Build a chatbot to handle initial conversations and service customers directly, saving time on answering FAQs.

Your team can @tag colleagues for speedy consultations and rely on automated workflows to directly assign critical conversations, internally and externally.

Hassle-free quoting and billing

Simplify the quote-to-purchase journey

Quoting isn’t always simple, but the conversation around your next purchase doesn’t have to be complex.

Flag and prioritise all purchase conversations, no matter the channel. Plus, decrease inaccuracies by providing your team with the right context of having customer profiles right next to conversations.

Build trust

Manage expectations at speed

Meet expectations and every urgent conversation with a quick response. Automated chat- and flowbots can offer 24/7 support and self-service flows that’ll lead your customers directly to answers, not your inbox. Deliver on what you promise while collecting the reviews you’ve earned.

Installation and maintenance

Install trust

Even the simplest installation can take a lot to come together: an appointment with the customer, planning with the engineer, a reschedule and the maintenance follow-up.

Lean on your inbox to tie everything together. Customer profiles complete with contact moments help your team stay up to date on the status of the installation. While all service teams can be involved in the same conversation through @tagging. Customers won't have to wait for their answers.


From urgent to 5-stars

Customers often contact you when their patience has already run low. When something breaks or the quote doesn’t meet expectations, it’s up to your team to act fast.

For all FAQs, rely on the Live Chat to offer 24/7 support so everyone feels heard. Relieved of small tasks, your team will have the time to focus on complex problems. When they solve issues fast, they increase customer satisfaction with every conversation.


Build a solid foundation and scale the quality of your customer engagement

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Solar Concept

Solar Concept closes, on average, nearly 10,000 tickets per month. This is of paramount importance for their high levels of customer satisfaction and impressive customer rating of 8.9.

Trengo for Energy & Utilities

Deliver memorable experiences

Multichannel inbox

Work from one inbox that includes your WhatsApp, Live chat, email channels and more. Save time and reach customers where they are.


Maximise the most popular messaging platform worldwide. Add this channel to your inbox and check out open rates of 97%.

Live chat

Reach out to website visitors when it matters most. Customers about to abandone their cart because they have a question? Queue Live chat.

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