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Trengo for Financial Services

Invest in conversations

Cater to new and loyal customers equally. Work from one secure overview that includes all customer data and pick up conversations at speed.

Centralise support

Catch issues immediately

Pick up complaints instantly and protect customer happiness. Combine all systems, channels and customer data in one overview so your teams can pinpoint and act swiftly.

Fast service

Speed up teamwork

When it comes to financial services, customer patience is at an all time low. Set your team up with time-saving automation in their inbox so they can cut out manual tasks and up their productivity.

24/7 assistance

Be present everywhere

When someone’s card gets stolen, it’s a real personal emergency. Be reachable on their favourite or most accessible channel and you can resolve their issue fast.


Differentiate with personalised experiences

Mortgages, savings, payments they are all very personal. So should your customer experience. Send out messages that are highly personalised and at the time they matter.

Marketing automation creates highly personal touchpoints. Did you note that a customer applied for a mortgage? Follow up with a newsletter filled with useful information.

data insights

Keep a pulse on retention

In order to boost customer happiness check in with your data on customer satisfaction and retention rates. Send out CSAT surveys and listen closely to changing needs and expectations.

Also check team performance in your dashboard and look at the full picture of your engagement.

Inbox automation

Learn from customers

Listen, talk to customers and refine your marketing, sales and support strategy. Capture critical feedback to share with internal teams, making your products and services stronger.

Customers use Trengo’s automation to refine their marketing flows.


"During high season, we saw a 700% increase in customer inquiries across five different communication channels and were able to handle these with ease because of Trengo”


Create a future-proof platform

Keep up with tech to keep up with your changing customer expectations. Connect your most popular channels, webshop and integrations to your platform.

Trengo for Financial Services

Keep up with the latest

Multichannel inbox

Work from one inbox that includes your WhatsApp, Live chat, email channels and more. Save time and reach customers where they are.


Maximise the most popular messaging platform worldwide. Add this channel to your inbox and check out open rates of 97%.

Live chat

Reach out to website visitors when it matters most. Customers about to abandone their cart because they have a question? Queue Live chat.

Let’s meet

Take your first steps towards more personalised interactions with your customers, better engagement with your leads, and happier, more effective teams.