11 WhatsApp Business description examples

May 21, 2021
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When a customer adds you on WhatsApp, they should be able to find helpful information right then - right there.

By adding a WhatsApp Business description to your profile, you make sure all information is at their fingertips. And if you do it right, a clear description might even drag the customer over the line to actually get in touch.

In this blog, I'll tell you everything you need to know about a WhatsApp Business description and give you 11 WhatsApp Business description samples to help you on your way.

What is a WhatsApp Business description?

When a customer opens your contact details in WhatsApp, they can see your WhatsApp Business Profile. This Business Profile includes your address, industry, email address, website, and WhatsApp Business description.

Let's focus on that last one. In a WhatsApp Business description, you can describe your business in a few sentences. It's key to use a strong description that covers your brand completely and stimulates the customer to take action.

WhatsApp Business description sample

Why would you use a clear description for WhatsApp Business?

Using a clear business description for WhatsApp can help you achieve the following:

  • Add a professional and authentic look
  • Give consumers a clear understanding of what you do
  • Increase the odds of potential customers reaching out

What does a clear WhatsApp Business description look like?

Even though a WhatsApp Business description totally depends on your brand, a clear description should follow the following best practices:

1. Stick with your core messaging

The primary goal of a WhatsApp Business description is to tell your customers who you are and what to expect from your business. It is important that the description is in line with the core messaging on your website, in your content — actually in all of your communication. After all, you want customers to have the same experience with your brand on WhatsApp as on your website.

2. End with a call to action

After a short introduction, you can invite the customer to reach out to you. The customer already saved your number on WhatsApp. They might need a little push before they actually send you a message. Your WhatsApp Business description (e-commerce) is the perfect spot to drag them over the line.

Top 11 WhatsApp Business description samples

It can be hard to describe your business and stimulate the customer in just a few sentences. That's why I have put together a list of WhatsApp Business description samples for different situations.

Because the first part of the description should be about your brand, the description samples mainly focus on the call to action. Hopefully, it can inspire you.

Let's dive in.

Description samples for general situations

  1. "We offer must-have clothing for boys and girls. From T-shirts to trousers. Visit our store on weekdays from 8 am-5 pm and find your best fit."
  2. "We offer the newest wedding dresses according to the latest trends. 👰 Send us a message to make a shopping appointment right away."
  3. "We deliver your groceries fresh from your favorite locals. Pick your products and choose your delivery day. Contact us, and we'll get back to you within 24 hours."

Description samples for customer service

  1. "We offer sportswear for all sizes - from tip to toe. Let's get to work. 💪 Reach out for questions on delivery, service, or returns."
  2. "We offer high-quality shoes for the whole family. Italian leather and custom-made.👞 Please contact us for questions on maintenance."
  3. "We deliver plants in all sizes and forms to create a cozy home. Green, shiny, and the best quality. Text us to get more information on your new housemate."

Description samples for sales

  1. "We deliver the best quality fruit and vegetables from trusted local suppliers to your kitchen. Reach out for more information on products and prices."
  2. "We offer personalized jewelry for women of all ages. From earrings to necklaces and bracelets. 💍 Contact us to discuss the options and to place an order."
  3. ."We deliver a special breakfast from our kitchen to your front door. You pick, we deliver. Message us for prices and different boxes."

Description samples for special events

  1. "We deliver gifts all over the world - from flowers to chocolate. 💐 We are extra busy this time of year and will try to reply within 24 hours. Happy Valentinesday!"
  2. "We offer a wide variety of cosmetic products, including both big brands and small suppliers. Get your gift on time and order today! Delivery time is longer due to Christmas."

Start engaging via WhatsApp Business

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Ask for a demo and start engaging via WhatsApp Business today.

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