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Trengo, the user-friendly SMB Zendesk alternative

All our features are built to make life for SMB teams easier. Unlike Zendesk, our customer engagement platform offers more than just a traditional ticketing system.

Easy interface
Short onboarding

Why Trengo is the right alternative to Zendesk

Reason 1

Easy interface and modern channels

Switching between inboxes and multiple accounts complicates work. We want your team to experience the opposite, that’s why we keep our interface user-friendly and clear. Your team can work from one inbox, where all communication channels, integrations and customer data come together.

Trengo excels in modern communication. Our platform doesn’t rely on third parties like Zendesk and Zendesk-like software. Instead, we create native integrations with WhatsApp, Live chat and all other modern channels.

zendesk alternative
alternative to zendesk
Reason 2

Fast set-up and short onboarding

We want your team to be up and running in no time. That’s why we make sure your onboarding is short and concise. We immediately set up your inbox and all the channels you need.

Our personalised support is unmatched and we don’t stop at onboarding. Is your audience not responsive via email? We’ll look into what does work (like adding WhatsApp).

Reason 3

Reasonable prices for SMBs

Trengo is the Zendesk alternative built for SMBs and our Grow, Scale and Enterprise packages reflect that. Our most expensive plan is cheaper than Zendesk’s. What more can we say? We let the prices speak for themselves.

The Zendesk SMB pricing plan is 3x times the price of Trengo’s best value plan. While their starter plan is double the price of ours.

best alternative to zendesk
What is possible with Trengo

See what you’re missing out on using Zendesk

Focus on meaningful contact. Make your customer engagement platform and the affordable price work for your SMB. So your team can turn tickets into conversations.

Conversation history
Customer profiles in chat
User permissions
WhatsApp broadcasting
Bot automation
Rule Library
Self-service & Support
Help Center
Complete onboarding
only for individual channels
at extra cost
at extra cost
at extra cost
at extra cost
third-party app
third-party app
third-party app
third-party app

Don’t take our word for it…

This is what ex-Zendesk users shared with us

Ihab b.

It makes it easier for us to work daily, especially in the tick feature, which is great, in addition to the automatic response to all e-mails In addition to the questions and answers section

Verified User
Consumer Goods

It has a virtual assistant, which helps us to attend more fluently to a large number of customers and their demands. The automatic routing also makes our work easier, since it is configured so that the customer can go directly to the agent ...

Julian P

I'm not one to leave reviews but Trengo has been a game changer for us. As a small e-commerce business our small team struggled to keep on top of the many channels our customers contacted us by. Normal 'ticketing' tools felt too ...

Ready to switch?

We don’t talk about tickets but about conversations. And we think you do too. That’s why we’re certain that fully informed you’ll pick the right alternative to Zendesk.