A little about us here at Trengo

Dedicated to customer delight

We believe that turning conversations into relationships is a competitive edge.
And unlocking more moments of genuine delight in every interaction will fuel that growth.
About us

Our journey so far

Founded in Utrecht, the Netherlands.
Working with 3,000 customers globally.
$36 million
In 2021, we raised Series A funding.
Certified as a WhatsApp Business Provider.
Number of employees in the Trengo tribe.
100 million
Number of conversations handled per year.

Automate repetitive work, unleash meaningful conversations.

Your team’s time is valuable. We want to help you automate 90% of transactional conversations and admin tasks so your team can focus on high-impact conversations and delivering delight in every interaction.

Customer delight
always wins.

Delight is the secret ingredient to customer retention and loyalty. We believe that delight can be nurtured throughout the customer journey and across channels to unlock sustainable growth.

Meet our leadership team

Chief Executive Officer
Marili 't Hooft-Bolle
Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder
Patrick Meutzner
Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder
Marcel van de Weerd
Head of Marketing
Lindsey Davison
Head of Customer Success
Federico Lai
VP of Finance and Operations
Helene Ekkers
Head of People
Niels van der Heijden
Chief Operations Officer and Co-founder
Igo Trampe
VP of Engineering
Alex de Groot
Head of Sales
Raymond Lansheuvel
Award-winning software

Praised, trusted, and celebrated

"Because of the multichannel inbox, we collaborate more easily, and have a complete overview of all customer contact. You can't achieve that with a normal inbox."

Company ·
Liset Schiphorst

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What our customers say about Trengo

I love the possibility of having a single place to receive every customer service inquiry from different platforms. We can assign tickets to other colleagues and be updated in real time with internal comments.
Stephano G.
Trengo allows us to centralize all communication, both internally and with clients, across channels. From WhatsApp to email, and Facebook Messenges to live chat messages, there is now a single place to manage everything.
Jeffrey D.
Group Director
You can communicate with customers and employees alike and get immediate response. The friendly user interface is what's most appealing and wonderful to use. I can recommend this platform to anyone.
Johann K.
Small business
I'm not one to leave reviews but Trengo has been a game changer for us. As a small e-commerce business our small team struggled to keep on top of the many channels our customers contacted us by.
Julian P.
Small business
One of the best things about Trengo is its powerful automation and collaboration features. The ability to automate repetitive tasks, such as assigning tickets or tagging conversations, saves me and my team a lot of time and effort.
Martijn V.
Operations Manager E-Commerce
What I love about Trengo is how user-friendly it is. Very easy to use so onboarding new agents is a breeze. They were very responsive and it was a delight working with them. Highly recommend Trengo!
Maybelline O.
Customer Experience Manager
It has a virtual assistant, which helps us to attend more fluently to a large number of customers and their demands. The automatic routing also makes our work easier, since it is configured so that the customer can go directly to the agent ...
Verfied user
Consumer goods
It makes it easier for us to work daily, especially in the tick feature, which is great, in addition to the automatic response to all e-mails.
Ihab B.
Operations Manager E-Commerce

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