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Meet your customers on WhatsApp Business

Get in touch with your customers via the world’s most popular messaging app. Connect your business to the WhatsApp Business API. And unlock all the features that will boost your business.

WhatsApp Business partner

Create conversations that make customers come back

Provide fast support on the channel your customers use to talk to friends and family, by working with the entire team from the same place. Meet and retain customers where they are.


Connect with website visitors via WhatsApp Business

No more abandoned carts. In real-time, answer questions that prevent your customers from checking out and your pipeline from running empty.

Reach large segments

Reach out to your audience with broadcast messages

Set up outbound marketing for your audience via WhatsApp Business. Send discount codes, event invitations, and even newsletters in just a few clicks.

Efficient teamwork

Work together, reply faster

Manage one WhatsApp Business number together with your team. Assign incoming messages to colleagues and work together on customer queries via internal @tagging.

No more endless email threads, your team can save a lot of time on internal communication by using @tagging.

WhatsApp Business solution
WhatsApp Business provider
Chatbot automation

Automate repetitive tasks for operational efficiency

Streamline team performance with automated workflows and automatically answer frequently asked questions with a no-code WhatsApp bot.

Provide instant personalised solutions to keep everything under control. Connect Facebook to your inbox, and handle conversations right next to customer profiles.

data insights

Keep a pulse on customer happiness

Gain insights into both team performance and customer happiness. Send out customer satisfaction surveys and track key metrics like resolution time and response time.

Together with your Whatsapp Business service provider, dive into your data, spot trends and pivot.

WhatsApp Business api
WhatsApp Business integration

Go for a WhatsApp Business integration with your e-commerce software

No more clicking back and forth. Get direct access to your customer’s order information, delivery status, and more by integrating your e-commerce tools with WhatsApp Business.

App or API, multiple users. There is a lot to learn about the WhatsApp Business solution.


“Our support team was 30% more productive by using Trengo's automation and we saw our resolution time drop from 24 hours to +/- 14 hours.”

Sanne de Ruiter

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