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For sales teams

Turn touchpoints into revenue

Add channels, be empowered by inbox automation, track pipeline and performance. All to drive sales. All from one platform.

Boost productivity

Never miss an opportunity

Whether leads and opportunities touch the Live chat, WhatsApp, email, voice or more your team can tend to all opportunities just as quickly. Because all contact moments and details land in one view.

Grow revenue

Close more deals with less

Automatically assign demo conversations to the SDRs, set up marketing-based triggers and gather website visitor lead info. Automation will cut out repetitive tasks like inbox clean ups and save time for the bigger deals.

Track impact

Look into pipeline and performance

Measure the success of sales efforts in your dashboard and look into opportunities that will improve processes and conversations.


The set up for an easy sell

Combine the inbox with customers’ favourite channels and customer data. Work from one view that shows al necessary information for the next success.

No more endless threads, wasting time and missed opportunities

Live chat

Increase website conversion. Enable direct communication for website visitors. Reach out first and guide customers towards conversion.


Don’t let leads wait. Follow up with the team fast by simply tagging them and sharing internal notes.


Don’t invest extra time. Automate lead generation and collect data using chatbots 24/7.


Keep track of the funnel. Stay organised by automatically adding labels that categorise conversations.


Pick up cross- and upsell instantly. Direct conversations to where they need to go. Create teams and assign conversations or channels.


Listen to customers. Look into insights into the number of conversations, their statuses, and the productivity of your team.

80%  of teams

is able to cut their manual tasks by more than half.

4 in 5 teams

saw a return on their investment within the first year.

40% is the average increase

in digital sales experienced by teams using Trengo.


“Trengo's location finder will automatically forwards conversations to the right location, and saves us time.”

Trengo for Sales

Pricing starts at €16 per user/month


For smaller teams. Use team inbox, Live chat and flowbot to grow.


Value for money for SMBs. Add WhatsApp and CSAT to your platform.


For the full enterprise omnichannel approach. Make the most of engagement.

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Take your first steps towards more personalised interactions with your customers, better engagement with your leads, and happier, more effective teams.