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Utrecht, Netherlands

Senior Frontend Engineer


Just imagine: starting work every morning with a wide smile, with a curious and inclusive bunch of 22 engineers. You will take the lead in implementing components and bringing our Trengo frontend to the next level. There is no limit to building intuitive and interactive single-page applications, when you are aware of the best practices. We would like you to take advantage of this. Imagine, as well, having all of your hard work see the light of day and have impact: all the features we work on are getting deployed to production in an instant and shipped to more than 3000 customers around the world.

You can have a look at our documentation for different Trengo integrations, like the website widget, REST APIs, sidebar apps, custom channels and flowbots: You are also welcome to create a free trial account and have a peek at Trengo.

At Trengo, we believe in a world where technology empowers the relationship between companies and their customers. That’s why our mission is to build the smartest customer engagement platform to replace repetitive work with meaningful conversations. How do we do that? Our software makes it easy for customer-facing teams to communicate with customers via multiple channels, all in one shared inbox. Email, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, live-chat, you name it. With a Series A investment of $36M led by Insight Partners and Peak Capital and becoming one of the four official WhatsApp Business Solutions Providers in the Netherlands, we empower our customers to scale their businesses and optimize the channels their clients truly prefer.

What your day looks like

Let's break down this big vision into a little taste of your work at Trengo:

• It might be refreshing for you to know that building new features is what takes most, if not all, of our time. And we don't plan to stop innovating any time soon. As you know, we are fast to send features to production and to ship them- but this is always after peer review. We collaborate a lot. We are all for the team spirit. You can see that in our jokes and memes too, but that's another story ;-).

• We like to think of these features as MVP's: design them, build them including unit tests, ship them and then see what value they add to the market. It is rewarding to read the feedback from the customers who beta-test them and to share our wins with the whole team during the company-wide meeting on Friday.

• As a frontend engineer, you get to work closely with design experts, so you can focus on building, rather than designing features.

• You will be part of our inbox team which focuses on the core of our platform, and contribute to increase the efficiency for our users by using the AI products we are currently building.

FYI, our backend is an API-first application written in PHP and Laravel.

What we are looking for

Now that you know a bit about us, can you tell me a bit about you? I hope you can identify with some of these:

• You have already worked on complex single-page applications, in Javascript.

• You've seen some stuff: you have been in the middle of the action when a digital/tech-focused company scaled up.

Vue.Js is your go-to framework for building single-page applications. Have you got experience with React.Js/Angular/Angular.Js and are you interested in learning other frameworks such as Vue.Js? Then please don't hesitate to apply.

• You are used to converting beautiful Figma or Sketch designs into state-of-the-art and pixel-perfect front-end components.

• You are able to work independently and stand behind your own decisions (not in a hierarchical way, but rather in a critical way).

• You are resourceful. You know what I mean, you're an engineer. On top of that, we aim to divide the knowledge in the team as much as possible.

• You are just as helpful and collaborative as us. We have a good thing going on in our tech team and would like a kind person to join us.

What we offer

This is what we carefully prepared for you:

• Finding yourself in a fast-growing company where your career can evolve. With the help of your number one supporter, your manager, you will follow our departmental growth tracks to pursue the career you want. This is one of the reasons for our positive Glassdoor reviews (4.5/5).

• We really value flexibility and trust our people. That’s why we work hybrid, and our people can work from abroad for 60 days per year.

• Free sessions with on-demand psychologists from OpenUp. Your mental health is important to us.

• An education budget to feed your curiosity, extra budget for team trainings, and 2 extra days off for your courses or conferences, if needed.

28 vacation days to rest, have fun, and travel as you wish. But, every once in a while, we also like to do it together. The last time, we went on an amazing trip to Valencia!

• Internet and phone allowance every month!

• Fancy learning Dutch? We also offer Dutch courses for our international employees!

• When you work from our beautiful office: you can bet we have delicious warm lunches together prepared by our in-house chef and workplace experience team. Also, your traveling expenses to Utrecht will be reimbursed.

Your recruitment experience at Trengo

We aim for our recruitment experience to be fast, enjoyable, and fruitful - for both sides. Via this link, you can see what you can expect from your recruitment journey with us.

Otherwise don’t worry, we understand if you don’t know what to do right now. You like what you read but you still have questions before deciding to move forward. We got you! I am Evangelos, your friendly recruiter and part of Trengo’s Talent Team. Happy to clarify any doubts, so you can make a good choice, whichever that is. If you are not ready to apply yet, feel free to ask a question in the flowbot. If you are ready, talk to you soon.

Level up your career

Why Trengo?

We’re  working hard to become a major international player and competing with big international funded names. We’re a growing team and business, which  means that there will be plenty of opportunities to explore a level-upped career.
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Other reasons to choose Trengo

We’re welcoming
Great ideas happen when people feel at home. We welcome team members from different backgrounds with curiosity, empathy, and respect.
We are transparent
Good news or bad, being open and honest will go a long way. We work  with trust  to a create space where everyone can do their best work.
We take ownership
We set the expectations that allow us to rely on one another. We care about results, are proactive, supportive, and communicative.
We focus on growth
If you grow, we grow too. We  want your boldest ideas and the sharpest execution so we make time for growing your skills and experience.

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