Click to Instagram Direct ads: a how-to guide

Oct 25, 2021
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When I'm using Instagram, I'm mainly clicking through the stories showing the day-to-day life of friends and family. From my best friend joining a secret rave to my dad going on his 5th holiday this year. It brings up some topics to chit-chat about at the next birthday party.

Over the past few years, I have also seen more and more ads sneaking their way into these stories. And to be honest, I don't even mind. I recently bought a new pair of sneakers by clicking on an ad. Oops.

You can say I'm the living proof of Instagram DM ads doing their work. And as an 'ambassador', I feel it's my job to help you start running click-to-Instagram direct ads as well. Who knows, your ad might be the next one I give a click.

In this article, I'll share:

  • What are click-to-Instagram direct ads?
  • Why you should start running Instagram DM ads
  • Click-to-Instagram direct ad examples

What are click-to-Instagram direct ads?

Click-to-Instagram direct ads are ads shown in the Instagram Feed or Stories. The ads allow people to send an Instagram direct message to your business by clicking on your ad. From here on, you can chat on Instagram to sell your product, answer questions and offer support.

Different click-to-Instagram dm ads

Why you should start running click-to-Instagram direct ads

With click-to-Instagram direct ads, you create more engagement with your customers and boost your sales.

Click-to-Instagram direct ads are conversational

I tend to react more often to Instagram stories than posts in the feed. It requires less action since I can send a message or an emoji in one click. The same goes for click-to-Instagram direct ads. They allow leads and customers to start a conversation via Instagram Stories. From here on, it's up to get the conversation going and turn potential customers into returning ones.

Tip: By running Instagram DM ads, a lot of messages will come your way. It's wise to think of the next step. With an omnichannel communication platform, such as Trengo, you can efficiently work together on Instagram direct messages together with all your other channels.

Your ads will get noticed

When you're running click-to-Instagram DM ads in Instagram Stories, you can be 99% sure that your target audience will see them. Whether they swipe the ad away or click on it, they have to take action while your ad is exposed.

Instagram stories are more popular than ever

36% of businesses use Instagram Stories to promote their products. That doesn't come as a surprise, since 70% of Instagram users watch Stories daily. Instagram stories are more popular than ever, and that might be enough reason for you to be there as well.

4 ways to use click-to-Instagram direct ads

Creating Instagram direct ads is one thing, but how do you get people to click on them? I'll share 4 ways you can use click to Instagram direct ads to drive customers to your DM.

1. Share a discount code

It may sound cliché, but a discount code always works. Create an ad and ask people to shoot you a message if they like to receive 40% off. If you are getting replies, don’t forget to continue the conversation by, for example, giving advice on what product to buy.

2. Give (free) personal advice

People love to receive personal advice. Especially when it covers a subject or product they don't know much about, for example, cosmetics or healthy food. Use your knowledge to have people start a private conversation on Instagram.

Tip: Add the word "free" to give people the feeling it's now or never.

3. Organize a giveaway

Tell people they can win a trip to Paris, and they will slide into your DMs right away. Giveaways are the perfect way of collecting leads. When people have fulfilled the requirements, you can collect contact information in the chat. Has the giveaway ended? Make sure to keep the conversation going to eventually win them over as a customer.

4. Share limited deals

This one is tricky. Well, for me. My new sneakers are living proof.

Create an ad to share your enormous winter sale. Or your 50% discount on all shoes. You can make it conversational by asking people to send a message to receive deals based on their interests. If you limit the time of your sale, people will feel the need to act fast.

Ready to start running some brand new ads? Learn how to set them up here.

Start running click to Instagram direct ads

I hope that these examples inspired you to start running click to Instagram DM ads yourself. But before you activate your first campaign, don't forget to think of the next step. In Trengo, you can follow up on every Instagram DM, together with all your other communication channels, and create amazing customer experiences with your team.

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