Trengo is now a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider

Jun 30, 2022
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The Trengo team is proud to announce that we are now a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider (BSP) 🎉

This partnership with Meta will help us to provide you with even better solutions to drive revenue and deliver personalized experiences to your customers. Trengo joins the list of carefully selected third-party solution providers across the globe licensed by Meta to help businesses connect with the WhatsApp Business API.

New broadcasting feature turns WhatsApp into a powerful marketing tool

Along with being a WhatsApp BSP, we are also adding WhatsApp Business broadcasting to Trengo.

Broadcasting allows your business to send out WhatsApp messages to a bigger audience at the same time. This new feature makes WhatsApp a powerful outbound marketing tool for SMBs, who can engage directly in two-way communication with their clients and proactively send bulk messages to customers, like promotions, newsletters, and more.

Trengo strengthens its position as a growth tool for SMBs

According to our CEO and founder Patrick Meutzner, the partnership with Meta and the new features are only the tip of the iceberg. “This is an important first step to unlock new features and join forces with the biggest messaging provider in the world. We’re doubling down on investments in WhatsApp and the Meta messaging products. Trengo is fully focused on being the ideal platform for SMB companies looking to provide an exceptional customer experience and grow their business using WhatsApp.”

Trengo will be running an Early Adopter Program for the first three months after launching. During this period, Trengo customers can try out the new WhatsApp solutions on the platform. There will also be digital round tables focused on optimizing the customer experience via WhatsApp.

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