WhatsApp Outlook Integration: Quick Set-up Guide

May 11, 2023
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Email and WhatsApp are two of the most important communication channels that any business must leverage to communicate with their customers

But tracking conversations individually on each platform is time-consuming, so why not integrate them?

In this WhatsApp Outlook integration article, we will explain how you can integrate Outlook and WhatsApp customer conversations and manage them in one place.

Why you should connect WhatsApp to Outlook

The main benefit of integrating WhatsApp and Outlook is that it helps streamline communication operations and boost productivity. 

There’s no official integration partner between these two tools, but you can use third-party applications to integrate them. Below are some reasons why you should connect WhatsApp to Outlook:

#1. Sync contacts between WhatsApp and Outlook

Instead of managing your WhatsApp and Outlook contacts on separate platforms, integrating them would help you consolidate all your contacts in one place. With this, you can quickly view and message all your contacts simultaneously on both mediums. 

#2. Outlook calendar reminders for WhatsApp messages

By integrating WhatsApp and Outlook, you can leverage Outlook calendar events and send reminders to send messages via WhatsApp throughout the day at specific times. 

You can manually create a calendar event with the message details and set a reminder for the same. 

When the time comes, the reminder pops up on your desktop’s bottom right corner, and you’ll know it’s time to send the message.

#3. Share files from Outlook in WhatsApp conversations

Another reason you might need to integrate Outlook with WhatsApp is to send files. You can simply access files stored in your Outlook account and share them in your WhatsApp chats. 

You can download the files from Outlook and then manually attach them to your WhatsApp messages. 

Alternatively, some third-party tools may allow you to browse your Outlook files directly from the WhatsApp interface.

#4. Have a clear overview of all conversations

It’s a good thing for a business to have a clear overview of all conversation history across multiple.

That’s because if a customer’s query can’t be resolved via WhatsApp, they then have to email you at your support email with the same issue, repeating themselves. 

But if you have the WhatsApp Outlook integration in place, you don’t have to make your customers explain the problem to you multiple times.

How to set up the WhatsApp and Outlook integration in Trengo

To integrate WhatsApp and Outlook, you first need to connect your WhatsApp Business account to a WhatsApp Business API, and Trengo lets you do just that.

One of the most important benefits of Trengo is that it lets you track and open WhatsApp and Outlook conversations in one inbox, once everything is set up.

What more can you do with Trengo? 

  • Onboard your team and work together to resolve customer queries faster
  • Automate repetitive tasks for operational efficiency
  • Keep track of customer happiness

Let’s now understand how to connect your WhatsApp account to the WhatsApp Business API, and then to Outlook, all with Trengo.


To integrate WhatsApp with Outlook, you must first start using the WhatsApp Business API. That’s because the WhatsApp Business app doesn’t enable businesses to manage WhatsApp conversations together with other channels.

WhatsApp Business API is a product that customers can access via a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider (BSP) such as Trengo.

Here’s how you can set it up in a few minutes:

1. Get started with the 14-day free trial at Trengo.

2. After filling in the details to open a new Trengo account, go to SettingsWhatsApp Business.

3. Click ‘Connect your number.’

4. An overview with information will pop up; ensure you read and agree with all the information in the pop up.

5. Click ‘Get Started.’

6. Before connecting your WhatsApp to Trengo, make sure that you have a Facebook Business account; if not, create one and continue the process.

7. Check if your phone number meets all the conditions Trengo shows you. If not, email us at support@trengo.com

8. Now, it’s time to connect your Facebook account to Trego and take a step close to creating a WhatsApp Business account. To do so, put in your business’s name and address.

9. Click ‘Continue with Facebook’ to log in.

10. Check all information you gave Trengo is correct and click ‘Next.’

And that’s it! You have successfully linked your mobile number to WhatsApp Business API.


Integrating Outlook with Trengo is quick and easy once you set up an account.

1. Open your Trengo account and go to Settings > Email and click on the ‘+’ icon or ‘Connect Email.’

2. From the three options you see on the screen, click ‘Create Outlook Account.’

3. Next, click ‘Sign in with Microsoft.’

4. Log in to your Outlook account that you’d like to connect with Trengo, and that’s it.

Once both WhatsApp and Outlook are connected to Trengo, you can simply view and manage conversations from both platforms in one view.

How to synchronize Outlook and WhatsApp contacts

Creating a customer profile in Trengo is the best way to synchronize Outlook and WhatsApp contacts. 

This means you can save a customer’s WhatsApp contact and Outlook email in the same customer profile. All you need to do is create a new customer profile by going into the Contact section of Trengo.

This will allow you to easily track conversations when customers contact you via multiple channels.

The WhatsApp integration with Outlook can save you time when tracking conversations and improve your reply time significantly. But to integrate these two applications, you need a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider like Trengo.

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