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Answer questions more efficiently with a smart Help Center

With the Help Center, your customers can receive answers to their questions directly, without the help of a support agent.

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Save work

Add frequently asked questions to the Help Center.

Self service

The visitor finds his own answers, without the help of a customer service agent.

Direct response

With related articles you give the visitor realtime answers and insight.


Help is always available

Everything you need to help your visitor directly


Accessible with a few clicks

Create a Help Center or intranet in no time

Define the structure

Distinguish categories and make configurations in only a few seconds.


Make categories recognizable using icons.

Drag and drop

Organize your Help Center easily with our user friendly drag and drop technology.

User friendly

Intuitive interface

Add articles easily


Manage lay out and functionalities

Multi language

Automatically add other languages.

Your domain

Add the Help Center to your own URL with an easy DNS configuracion.


Add Javascript and CSS codes to manage functions and lay out. You can also connect to your Google Analytics ID for tracking purposes.


You can easily convert your help center into an intranet by using a password; this intranet can be used as a database or employee training center.


Organize your customer service and take it easy

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