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Enable your customers to help themselves

Help center software ensures you answer frequently asked questions before they land in the inbox. It's the ideal zero-touch customer support that saves your team time and delivers the best customer experience.

Help center solution
The self-service help center solution

Publish articles

Enable your customers to help themselves by publishing informative articles about your product.

help center software

Powerful search

Customers can easily navigate the help center by simply typing in a question.

online help center software

Help center in the widget

Offer the help center in your website widget as a support option.


Create your own look and feel

Let your help center reflect your branding by adding a logo and colors. This ensures that your help center seamlessly fits into the customer experience.

55% of US consumers feel an instant personal connection to brands they can message directly. Grab the attention of returning customers, and set up a live-chat including the help center software.

best help center software
online help center software
Data insights

Multilanguage self-service

Give your customers in all of the countries you are active in the opportunity to help themselves by offering articles in multiple languages.

Provide an instant personalised Help center solution to connect with customers. And internally set up your team for success with a team inbox.

Better self-service for a more productive team

Customer experience

Customers want to find information by themselves. A help center software gives them that opportunity.


Publish articles in an intuitive and easy-to-use text editor.

Improve productivity

Offer your help center solution as a support option so your team can focus on the tough jobs.


Build a solid foundation and scale the quality of your customer engagement

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“Trengo's location finder will automatically forwards conversations to the right location, and saves us time.”


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