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Create customer connections with ease

Place your business in the right spot to be noticed. Instagram is immensely popular and offers easy opportunities to meet customers, understand their support needs, generate leads, and offer smooth customer experiences.


Set up easy engagement with your customers

With over 2 billion monthly users Facebook is a well-known host for many of your customers and prospects. Use this channel to engage efficiently, via automated messages, and reply fast to customer queries.

Workflow automation

Ensure purchases and transactions are quickly made

Your most important points of conversion should be anything but a hurdle. Lead prospects and customers smoothly through end-to-end customer journeys. Browsing, booking, checking-in, queries and purchases all via the app that they prefer.

Live chat automation

Collect high-quality leads without effort

The Live Chat is basically an extra Sales team member. Even before conversations start it will collect details from website visitors and create customer profiles in your inbox. So your team has immediate insight into product interest straight away.


Follow through on your efforts

A comment on a post, a long browse on a web page or a visit to the Instagram shop are all small but very valuable touchpoints.

Identify leads, nurture them by replying with product-focused comments and open the door to converting conversations.

Data insights

Take in feedback and don’t be fooled twice

Cut out repeated complaints by deep-diving into your data. Are people finding long wait times a challenge? Have a look at response times and set up possible automation to improve team productivity. This way you won’t see complaints reflected in reviews.

Send out CSAT-surveys to create a 360 view of your customers, their wants and needs.


“Our support team was 30% more productive by using Trengo's automation and we saw our resolution time drop from 24 hours to +/- 14 hours.”


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