Trengo secures 1.75M from Peak Capital for further growth

Feb 27, 2020
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We can finally share the big news: venture capital company Peak Capital invests 1.750.000 euro in Trengo. After successfully helping hundreds of customers with their customer communication, it is now time for bigger and better.

And we are extremely proud of that! 💪

With the investment, we can expand our sales- and marketing team and development team to push Trengo to the next level. This will allow us to serve our Dutch customers even better, while also being able to expand to the rest of Europe.

Our adventure started when Marcel and I were running a web development agency. We wanted to provide our customers with the best service via WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram and traditional channels such as Email and phone. 

However, monitoring all these channels was so time consuming, that we quickly had the idea to create a shared inbox. No more clicking from browser to browser. No more missing out on messages from that one platform you keep forgetting to log into. Tens of internal emails a day from your colleagues? In the past.

We quickly decided to bring our idea to life. After a short brainstorm session, we thought of the name Trengo and a month later the product was live. Since then, the number of customers quickly grew and the product rapidly improved.

We now also offer the possibility to install a chatbot or flowbot, which makes it possible to fully automate customer conversations.

Now, the time has come to improve our product even further and roll out Trengo in the rest of Europe.

So then why an investor and why Peak Capital as a partner?

Since the beginning, we have financed Trengo with our own revenue. Up until a short time ago, we were not even actively looking for investors either. We were already growing fast and were profitable from the very start. Together with our amazing team, we have worked on an amazing culture which is the foundation for all of our success.

Still, we decided to collaborate with Peak Capital, for their knowledge and experience. Especially when it comes to scaling SaaS companies internationally. It is our ambition to make Trengo into an international success, which makes this a match made in heaven.

To the moon and beyond 🚀

In the past years we have worked hard to make Trengo as efficient as possible. With the investment from Peak Capital, we have more possibilities to further optimize the product. Improved features, new integrations and more options for our customers. We will hire more experts to accrue more knowledge and expertise. This way, we will improve Trengo for our loyal users, while more and more companies worldwide will join in.

As we speak, we are furnishing our new office to keep up with our growth. Our beloved old office was getting a bit too busy for 16 employees, while our new HQ will have room for at least 75 team members. You will be able to find us in one of the most beautiful places in Utrecht, with a big private roof terrace and an enormously pretty park right in front of the building.

Needless to say, times are exciting for Trengo. We’ll keep you updated!

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