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Why we do what we do

In an increasingly digital world, Trengo envisions a smooth way of connecting people with the companies behind their products and services. We are convinced that our smart customer engagement platform is THE way to delight customers. And we couldn't achieve this goal without the people behind Trengo's technology. We're ambitious, kind and ready for super growth. Who are you?

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Behind the scenes

The essence of Trengo is hard to explain, yet easy to feel. We're happy to show you live how we innovate and fix problems, but until you have time to visit Trengo in Utrecht, here's a preview:

Warm welcome to Trengo

Ambitious people + Supportive environment = 💚
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Our philosophy about customer communication is clear

Companies need to be responsive, fast, and personal - on the online channels their customers love. This is exactly how we treat our own customers. And how we treat each other.


To the moon!

Every year, we double our impact, internationally. Our capacity to scale so sustainably is why Europcar, OPPO, Smeg and over 2000 SME’s from more than 60 countries trust Trengo to help them scale and improve their customer communication. It's the place to be, if you dare to be ambitious and are open to new ideas.


With Trengo, what you see is what you get

The communication lines are short. We each contribute to the success of Trengo through our unique, specialized roles. And let's be honest, growth as fast as ours comes with both challenges that take you outside your comfort zone and with loads of fun. If you're ready for it, we're ready to give you personal attention and help you thrive. We do it together.

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If you're up for a fun challenge, let's help each other.
Do you like Trengo but don't like that we don't have a role for you?
We might open one for you soon, send us an open application here.