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Trengo for Travel & Leisure

Provide end-to-end customer experiences that lead to first-class holidays

Be there for customers from door to destination. Match expectations with smooth booking flows and 24/7 worldwide support.

Secure ROI

Cross- and upsell without effort

Lower the threshold on upgrading a flight or booking an extra tour. Ensure upgrades and add-ons by sending automated messages based on contact moments. And turn touchpoints into conversions and lifetime customer value.

Boost loyalty

Make your experience stick

Follow up on a flight, tour or event with personalised messages. Ask customers about their experiences via automated flows that send CSAT surveys. Check on their happiness, make them feel heard and stand out in the crowded market place.

Protect quality

Keep your team focused

Whether your team is spread across venues, countries or time zones, they should all be on the same page. Pick up conversations from one platform and know that even when on the move no message is ever missed.

inbox automation

Help customers wherever they are

Your customers are booking experiences all over the world. That’s why worldwide and urgent support is equally needed. Use Trengo automation to fix and solve fast.

Set up an automated chatbot for easy contact at any time and from any location. Whether it’s to answer an FAQ or redirect to the support team.

data insights

Check-in on customer happiness

When travelling urgency can be high. Customers expect to be supported instantly, track response and resolution times to ensure your customer support team is picking up the pace and solving issues at speed.

Look into your metrics and know what to improve to create happy, loyal customers and repeat business.


Build a solid foundation and scale the quality of your customer engagement

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Solar Concept

"Ever since we use Trengo, we can automatically assign the tickets to the right team."


Create a future-proof platform

Keep up with tech to keep up with your changing customer expectations. Connect your most popular channels, webshop and integrations to your platform.

Trengo for Travel & Leisure

For the experience-economy

Multichannel inbox

Work from one inbox that includes your WhatsApp, Live chat, email channels and more. Save time and reach customers where they are.


Maximise the most popular messaging platform worldwide. Add this channel to your inbox and check out open rates of 97%.

Live chat

Reach out to website visitors when it matters most. Customers about to abandone their cart because they have a question? Queue Live chat.

Let’s meet

Take your first steps towards more personalised interactions with your customers, better engagement with your leads, and happier, more effective teams.