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Automated bots

Set up the ultimate team player that helps out whenever, wherever

Chatbot software

Automation lays the foundation for team efficiency


Fix and solve before conversations land in the inbox

Handle large volumes of customer conversations, without having to expand your team every quarter, high season or year. A web chatbot connects with customers via their favourite channel, from email to WhatsApp, and drills down on issues to fix and solve before they can make it to the inbox.

An automated chatbot will relieve your team of FAQs and ensures your team is at least 30% more productive. Check out how Parfumado does it.

web chatbot
bot for website

Add value and personalise the customer journey

Whether it’s referring someone to a Help Center articles when they spend a long time on a web page or rerouting customers directly to the team that can pick up their questions, chatbot services help and boost conversion 24/7.

For other FAQs set up a flowbot. Because conversational AI can save teams even more effort and time.


Apply team focus and save time

Let the bots handle small and big tasks. Would customers like to speak to Finance or Sales? Or rather go to self-service videos? Lead them to where they want and need to be and free up your team to focus on complex inquiries.

Set up a flowbot and give customers options. Ask questions, gather answers and information and set up a fully automated flow that’ll lead towards conversion.

chatbot services

Fill up the pipeline

automated chatbot
From Support

Nurture easily

Does the question land in the inbox, even after customers have interacted with the Live Chat bots? Have your team respond directly, by checking the updated customer profile and contact points in the same screen as the conversation.


Streamline funnel conversion

Add chatbot software, and a bot for the website to your landing page to send welcome messages, discounts or resources. Are there abandoned carts? Schedule a flowbot pop up after a certain amount of time on page and ensure doubts won’t get in the way of a purchase.

and Sales

Feed the pipeline without effort

An automated chatbot will gather customer data and automatically add it to your customer profiles. Up- and cross sell possibilities will open up. And your team has all the insights needed for that next converting touchpoints.


"During high season, we saw a 700% increase in customer inquiries across five different communication channels and were able to handle these with ease because of Trengo”


From team inbox to automation

Combine all your channels into one platform. Work from the team inbox and set up automation to streamline productivity and conversion.

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Reach your customers wherever they are

Live Chat

Decrease the amount of abandoned carts. When customers are stuck fix and solve with live chat bots in real-time.


Meet customer expectations and always let them know the status of their orders. Follow up and inform directly.


Be where your customers are. Use the most popular messaging platform worldwide to connect.

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Take your first steps towards more personalised interactions with your customers, better engagement with your leads, and happier, more effective teams.