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  • Max 2 agents
  • 30 days archive
  • 2 channels
  • 1 Integrations
  • Help center
  • Notes & @tags
  • Auto replies
  • iOS & Android app


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  • Alles van Start, en:
  • Max 5 agents
  • 180 days archive
  • 5 channels
  • 2 Integrations
  • Labels (folders)
  • Custom fields
  • Profiles


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  • Alles van Grow, en:
  • Max 100 agents
  • ∞ days archive
  • 50 channels
  • 10 Integrations
  • Quick replies
  • Bulk actions
  • WhatsApp (min. 4 agents)
  • Flow- & Chatbots
  • Statistics
  • API


€35 €41 per user/month
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  • Alles van Scale, en:
  • ∞ agents
  • ∞ days archive
  • ∞ channels
  • ∞ Integrations
  • IVR menu's
  • Support via phone
Pay annually (per user per month)
Pay annually and save
Monthly paying (per user per month)
Conversation inbox (ticketing)
Forward conversations
Conversation logging
Website widget
Collaborate with agents
Help center
Tag agents
Notes & @tags
Mark conversations as spam
Internal chat
Business hours
Number of users / agents
Max 2
Max 5
Max 100
Add users
Add users to teams
Assign channels to teams
Assign conversations to teams
Assign conversations to users
Manage roles
Merge conversations
Labels (folders)
Custom fields
Contact groups
Ticket results
Quick replies
Bulk actions
Number of channels
Email channel
Chat channel
Voice channel
SMS channel
Help Center channel
Facebook channel
Twitter channel
WhatsApp (min. 4 agents)
Telegram channel
WeChat channel
Multiple email addresses
Send inbound / outbound
Confirmation of receipt
Dynamic name as sender
Dynamic name in signature
Logo in signature
Dynamic photo in signature
New conversation with different subject
Receive / send media
Auto replies
Email themes
Mail from own domain
Remove branding
Multiple chat channels
Media, videos and documents
Live bezoekers URL tonen
Show visitor path above messages
Show IP online vistors
Show photo's from agents
Show available agents
Chat 24/7 online
Instant chat (without form)
Manageable contact form
Manageable chat form
Dynamic Greetings
Greeting time
Multiple voice channels
Incoming / outgoing calls
Internal calling (soon)
Add local numbers (from our list)
National numbers (from our list)
International numbers (from our list)
Show Caller-ID
Online/offline status agents
Record calls (optional)
Beluister gesprekken terug
Replay recorded calls very fast
Transfer call to mobile
Transfer call to team
Transfer call to agent
Transfer call to external number
Upload own greetings
Verify and use a different Caller-ID
IVR menu's
Port external number to Trengo
Multiple Help Centers
Unlimited categories
Unlimited sections
Unlimited articles
Embed Google Analytics
Review articles
Highlight articles
Indexable for search engines
Insert own code in the head
Overrule CSS code
Manageable theme color
Logo upload
Own (sub)domain
Convert to intranet (password protected)
Multiple SMS channels
Incoming / outgoing SMS
Add international numbers (from our list)
Quick replies insert
Dynamic fields insert
Bulk SMS
Schedule messages
Import contacts
Multiple Messaging channels
Media (supported on the most channels)
Out-of-office (auto) replies
Manageable theme color
Remove Trengo branding
Flow- & Chatbots
Show specific dates
Toon gewenste kanalen in grafieken
Show specific users in statistics
Show specific labels in statistics
New conversation statistics
Closed conversation charts
Export ticket info & results
Number of integrations
Apps: Shopify
Apps: WooCommerce
Apps: Magento
Apps: Magento 2
Apps: Lightspeed
Apps: Slack
Apps: HubSpot CRM
Apps: Exact Online CRM
Outbound webhooks
Inbound webhooks
SSL encryption
Min. 8 characters password
Two way authentication
IP restriction (soon)
Web app
iOS & Android app
Windows app
Mac app
Support via email
Support via live chat
Support via messaging
Support via phone


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Trengo is suitable for every company that wants to work and communicate efficient with leads, clients, teams and colleague's. Trengo is easy to use and understand, therefore exstensive training is not necessary.

Every package can be started from one user. In a package fit a maximum amount of users, when the limit of users is reached and you want to add an extra user the whole package scales to the next tier. 


Trengo offers a complete solution for communication. From one shared team inbox users can work together and complete tickets, this way you communicate easy and efficient. 

The messages in the Trengo team inbox can be received and send via different communication channels: WhatsApp, Gmail, Outlook, SMS, Vocie, Facebook messenger, instagram messenger, Website chat, Wechat and many more. 

The unique website chat from Trengo enables website visitors to easily choose via what channel they want to contact your company. They can choose for example to chat direct with an agent, call for free via the widget, start a WhatsApp or Messenger conversation, or send an email. 

The flowbots from Trengo can be implemented via several different communication channels, not only the website chat, but also WhatsApp and Messenger. 

Trengo has a collaboration with several WhatsApp business partners that enable to add WhatsApp business to your Trengo inbox. We gladly bring you in contact with WhatsApp her business partners to communicatie via WhatsApp business. 


With Trengo it is possible to start a monthly or a yearly contract. Both contracts have to be paid upfront, with the yearly contract you enjoy a discount. 

Trengo is fully transparent and does not have a cancellation period. The subscription renews automatically when a new month or year begins, you can cancel subscription before this date.

When you upgrade a one time invoice will be due for the remaining of the current contract period. The upgrade will be added automatically to your subscription and following invoices. 


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