Customer service

Quick and easy contact with the customer

Communicate from one place

Adopt live chat, email, telephony and socials for customer service

There is no need to switch between different programs anymore! With Trengo every employee simply answers all incoming messages using one clear inbox with the entire team. Every conversation the customer starts enter the inbox in New where colleagues can choose to assign these messages to themselves or to their colleagues, making sure there is an overview and no messages will be unanswered. 

Working together like a well-oiled machine

Internal communication in Trengo

Thanks to @tagging and internal notes emailing between colleagues is no longer necessary. Ask you colleagues for help in between the customer's messages without him/her knowing this. This way you are always 100% sure the right answer is given.  

Work as a team

Say goodbye to CCs and forgotten conversations

group  Teamwork

Improved collaboration thanks to mentions and internal chat conversations.

arrow_forward  Assign to yourself or a colleague

A well-arranged inbox with tasks to make sure you never duplicate answers anymore.

blur_on  Accessible everywhere

Let customers choose how they approach the organisation.

access_time  Quick and efficient

Enhance efficiency in customer service with the use of automation, quick replies, rules and the smart chatbot.

format_list_bulleted  Overview in work

Never lose sight of a message thanks to useful features like snoozing, favorites and tracking. 

timeline  Measuring statistics

Statistics ensure that the performance of the team can be easily monitored.

Fast and personal communication

Save time by working in Trengo

Make use of great features like quick replies, rules or auto replies to answer customers even faster. With the use of smart [tags] an automated message can still get a personal touch. 

Powerful live chat for websites

Can be used on multiple websites at the same time

Live chat is nearly inevitable within modern society. Customers value direct and fast communication with any organisation. Trengo's powerful live chat helps the organisation to lift their customer service to the next level. Why wait with live chat when you can start your try out today? 

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