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Peak season hub 2023

From surviving to thriving during this year’s busiest season

Take the pressure off of your team this peak season by organising overwhelming amounts of customer communication. Rely on features built to boost team efficiency and response speed so teams can put customer satisfaction first. Just like they do all year round.

Peak season REPORT

Be fully prepared for the busy season

  • Holiday shopping 30% of retail’s annual sales
  • 74% of consumers plan to spend more on gifts this year
  • 49% of consumers will choose online shopping for holiday purchases

It's going to be busy. But what can your customer support team expect? We've looked at the average increase in conversations per industry. Dive in, and be in the know of what your team can expect.

This retailer is busy but never stressed

Keeping up speed and boosting sales even during the busiest of seasons. Bomenbezorgd knows how to handle high peaks.

The webinar for all busy CS teams

Ensure your CS team is fully prepared for high volumes of conversations this peak season. Join our webinar for 5 practical tips & tricks.

Master the holiday rush

These 6 tips will ensure your customer service team is able to handle high conversation volumes during the holidays, with ease.

Is your team ready to handle peak season?

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Multichannel inbox

Bring all channels together to stay on top of every conversation

Meet your customers on their preferred channels without losing time switching between platforms. Combine all channels, your webshop data, like order information, and customer insights, such as previous contact moments.

Traffic referrals from social messaging platforms grow 27% year over year, even with customers contacting businesses across different channels (Source: Salesforce).

Workflow automation

Apply team focus to save time

Instead of investing time and money into upscaling teams, increase efficiency. Use automated workflows, such as labelling high-priority tickets and rerouting conversations to the right team or colleague, to easily manage a huge increase in conversations.

You know we’re talking high volumes when on Black Friday alone traffic increased by 34% last year. While purchasing sessions increased by 85% from the previous day. Streamline customer communication while you still have the time.

Customer insights

Learn and prepare for 2023 and 2024

Gaining insights doesn’t have to take much time or require much manual effort from your team. Create automated touchpoints with customers and send out CSAT surveys via any channel. This way, you’ll get ahead of and intercept bad reviews and ensure customers will come back.

With 81% of shoppers noting that they only need one bad return experience to stop buying from businesses, we can’t stress the importance of CSAT enough.

Starter kit

Be in time for Peak season 2023 and start preparing today

We’ll provide 8 best practices, tips & tricks to prepare Customer Support, Service and Success teams in handling high volumes of customer conversations.

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For every industry

Streamline communication this holiday season

Reach your customers

With so many sales on, direct customers to yours. Send out WhatsApp Broadcasts to large segments of interested customers and enjoy the 98% open rate.

Make every touchpoint count

Involve customers in a journey that reminds them of opportunities such as new tires for winter or an upgrade on their new car via the channels they prefer.

Keep a clean inbox

Intercept questions about tours, tickets and more with the Flowbot. Lead customers to the Help Center, or through a conversational flow so FAQs won’t make it to the inbox.

Organise the chaos

Follow up on dinner with a discount code for the next meal via a customer’s favourite channel. And create a connection that translated into lifetime value.

The set up

Set up Trengo in a day

Set up inbox integrations with HubSpot, Shopify, Zapier and more without downtime. Pick up any number of requests coming your way straight from the inbox while having all the needed customer insights at hand.

Brands not scrambling this season

Solar Concept

"Ever since we use Trengo, we can automatically assign the tickets to the right team."


“Trengo's location finder will automatically forwards conversations to the right location, and saves us time.”


"During high season, we saw a 700% increase in customer inquiries across five different communication channels and were able to handle these with ease because of Trengo”


“Our support team was 30% more productive by using Trengo's automation and we saw our resolution time drop from 24 hours to +/- 14 hours.”

The features that will pull your team through the holiday season

Live chat

Connect in real-time to provide instant answers. This way customers aren’t left hanging and you’ll see abandoned carts decrease.


Set up an extra teammate during peak season. Have the Flowbot pick up and solve queries fast before they make it to the inbox.


Never miss a conversation this peak season. Implement Rules to assign conversations to colleagues and teams directly.


Keep your inbox at zero. Stay organised by automatically adding labels that categorise conversations.


Collaborate efficiently and direct customers automatically to where they need to go. Create teams and assign conversations or channels.


Learn and improve for next year's busy season by gathering insights into the number of conversations, their statuses, and the productivity of your team.

The show can and will go on

40% of shoppers starts buying Christmas presents before the end of October. So kick off your peak season strategy and set your team up for success.