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Trengo for Municipalities & Education

Ensure your audience-centred approach does the work

Help your audience find what they’re looking for. Provide a journey full of speedy answers, relevant information and time-saving automation, via all favourite channels. Customer happiness can only go up.

Boost customer happiness

Create loyal connections via popular and most-used channels

Add channels that are readily used like Facebook, WhatsApp, email, voice and more to your inbox. Give everyone the opportunity to get in touch easily, ask questions and find answers.

Speed up support

Fast track support with automation, without effort

Don’t lose speed, even with a high volume of questions coming in. Instead, use automation to take the pressure off your team. Set up conversational bots that pick up FAQs or that direct to the Help Center. You’ll guarantee fast support, and keep repetitive questions out of the inbox.

Save revenue

Recruit and retain across all channels

Whether it’s attracting students to your master’s program or the next valuable team player, recruitment is costly. So reach out via high-converting channels like WhatsApp, set up personalised automated journeys and handle inquiries with urgency while saving time and money.

Multichannel inbox

Differentiate with personalised experiences

Questions can come in via Facebook, email or are even followed up with a call. Pick up all conversations, no matter the channel, from one team inbox. So you’ll handle all inquiries without responding twice or having to look up previous contact moments.

With Trengo you can view full customer profiles right next to conversations, and @tag colleagues within the same screen to quickly discuss a customer inquiry internally. Easy, without switching platforms.

data insights

Look at trends to free up your team

Focus team efforts on handling complex matters. Answer the top 10 FAQs with auto-replies or set up a flowbot leading people to the right Help Center article. Your team will spend time on what matters while keeping response times low.

Highlight: Parfumado unburdened their support team by having a flowbot handle 20% of their FAQs.


Build a solid foundation and scale the quality of your customer engagement

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"During high season, we saw a 700% increase in customer inquiries across five different communication channels and were able to handle these with ease because of Trengo”


Build a platform that pulls its weight

Connect the most popular channels, your preferred systems and integrations to your platform. And ensure everything is set up to help out, fast.

Trengo for Municipalities & Education

Keep up with the latest

Multichannel inbox

Work from one inbox that includes your WhatsApp, Live chat, email channels and more. Save time and reach customers where they are.


Maximise the most popular messaging platform worldwide. Add this channel to your inbox and check out open rates of 97%.

Live chat

Reach out to website visitors when it matters most. Customers about to abandone their cart because they have a question? Queue Live chat.

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Take your first steps towards more personalised interactions with your customers, better engagement with your leads, and happier, more effective teams.