Automate client service and reduce service costs


The future of customer service

The smart chatbot answers customers’ questions and can have conversations via website chat. The Trengo technology understands questions and gives standard answers. Complex questions are sent to a customer service member, who has insight in the conversation and can answer directly. Service employees save time by having the chatbot answering FAQs.

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Save time

Chatbots can have a limitless amount of conversations.

Save energy

Let chatbots handle the frequently asked questions.

Save money

Invest less hours in support.



This is how you automatically respond to questions

No queues

Chatbots can have a limitless amount of conversations at the same time.

Direct response

Clients receive instant response to their questions.

Always available

The chatbot can reply during and after opening hours.

Self learning

The chatbot becomes more intelligent through all the questions and information it processes.

Money saver

Save money with automatic replies.

Auto redirect

Redirect conversations to customer service employees.

Company chat

Get in touch with your colleagues, team or business units easily and directly.

Redirect conversations

Simply redirect a conversation to a colleague or team.

Email conversations

Quickly send a whole customer conversation to an email address.

Notes and comments

Add notes and comments to a conversation or client information to inform your colleagues.

Multi-user & teams

Create teams, add colleagues and improve your customer contact together.

Online inbox

Mobile device, tablet or PC? You are always connected through our online inbox.

iOS/Android app

Install our app for iOS or Android and receive push notifications when new messages are received.


Receive notifications in your email box or browser when new messages enter.

Multi website widget

Connect to your customers easily via all social media channels.

Multi language widget

Show another language for foreign website visitors.

Ticket system

Our team inbox shows which messages your colleagues already answered.


Generate all the statistics you need on social media channels, the performance of teams or individual colleagues.

On-line/off-line status

All colleagues can easily adjust their status, so you know who is available for answering customer questions.

Advanced search

Find contacts and messages easily.


Organize your customer service and take it easy

One inbox bring all communication together


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