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Track, think and listen

Look into customer sentiment from A to Z. Collect feedback, check trends in the dashboard and dive into your CSAT score to find out what it takes to turn satisfied into loyal customers and business growth.


360 view of your customer experience

Your team works from one platform, to handle all conversations. Place customer profiles next to conversations and pick up on feedback straight away. Use this 360 view of your customer experience and know when and where to up productivity on resolution and first-response times.


Feedback is a part of the journey

When feedback is picked up, and the same mistakes won’t repeat themselves, customers will feel hard and won’t hesitate to return next time. Send out CSAT-surveys to gather feedback, dive into the trends you see and ensure your team does better and better each survey round.


Gain insights without losing on time and effort

Feedback is extremely valuable, but so is time. Luckily, clever automation can be set up to send out surveys or emails asking for reviews as automated touchpoints when it makes sense for the customers’ journey. No manual effort, but loads of insights.

Lead generation

Create the journey that makes customers come back

Ask the right questions, check CSAT-scores and share the feedback with Sales and Marketing. So they will know what to play into and turn into converting touchpoints.

89% of consumers will return after a positive experience. Find out what it takes, and look into your data.


"During high season, we saw a 700% increase in customer inquiries across five different communication channels and were able to handle these with ease because of Trengo”


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