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An email inbox that supports high quality conversations

One overview

Keep up with incoming messages

Stay on top of incoming conversations and keep your level of service high. Ensure all channels lead to one inbox and overview so your team maintains a clear picture.

data insights

Track team performance

Better results start with better teamwork. Track workload, response and handling time to showcase efficiency and productivity. Pinpoint areas of improvement to make workflows work for your team.

Show the impact of your team's efforts. And zoom in on how to create repeat business and promote happy customers.

Inbox automation

Cut out repetitive tasks

Stop your team from repeating conversations, manually moving conversations forward and assigning and closing tickets. Free up time with automated workflows so your team can troubleshoot serious customer needs.

You don’t have to grow your team to handle an increasing amount of conversations. Put repetitive tasks on autopilot and handle more with less.

From Support

Service and support fast

Set up automated quick replies to decrease first response time and resolution time. Ensure your team picks up initial FAQS and solves issues fast. So they have more time to really help.

to Marketing

Ensure customers stick

Personalise emails, and use marketing automation for outbound touchpoints at the right time. Watch the high CSAT scores, positive reviews and ultimately higher retention rates roll in.

and Sales

Pinpoint opportunities

Measure the success of sales emails in your dashboard and open up opportunities that will improve processes and conversations. Resulting in boosts of revenue.


“Trengo's location finder will automatically forwards conversations to the right location, and saves us time.”


Personalise the inbox to your team needs

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Reach your customers wherever they are

Live Chat

Decrease the amount of abandoned carts. When customers are stuck fix and solve with live chat bots in real-time.


Meet customer expectations and always let them know the status of their orders. Follow up and inform directly.


Be where your customers are. Use the most popular messaging platform worldwide to connect.

Let’s meet

Take your first steps towards more personalised interactions with your customers, better engagement with your leads, and happier, more effective teams.