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Google Business Messenger

Be right there where customers need it

Don’t let complaints turn into reviews. Showcase availability and customers’ favourite channels so everyone knows when something is wrong, or right they can get in touch and your team can solve immediately.


Decrease wait times

Pick up messages from various channels, all from the same inbox. Ensure customers receive a swift reply via the channel they prefer and your team has all the useful workflow automation set up for quick pick ups.


Provide seamless journeys

Connect with customers via their preferred channel and set up workflow automation to ensure messages arrive at the right teams and team members. Your team is easy on the pick up and customers won’t ever have to repeat questions. A win-win.

Lead generation

Lead towards conversion

Lower the bar to a minimum on purchases. Provide end-to-end journeys that lead from browsing to buying all in the same conversation. Set up Google Business Chat, engage with prospects and streamline your conversions.

Data insights

Increase satisfaction and loyalty

You don’t want people to leave anything other than positive reviews on Google (of course). Dive straight into what’s going well and what isn’t to ensure you’re on top of feedback and ready to make the necessary updates.

54% of consumers expect nothing short of highly personalised experiences. Find out what your customers want, start with diving into CSAT.


Build a solid foundation and scale the quality of your customer engagement

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“Our support team was 30% more productive by using Trengo's automation and we saw our resolution time drop from 24 hours to +/- 14 hours.”


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