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Apr 25, 2024
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The last few years have been hard on service-based businesses. Let's start with, the ongoing difficulty of finding team members who know the ins and outs of your service, and who are also communication experts. The downfall in cookies and third-party data, resulting in you missing insights into your customers’ activities online. Plus, throw the crazy growth in the number of social media and communication channels into the mix and... well managing customer engagement needs some attention.

You want to focus on your service, and delivering the best customer experiences. That's the goal. So let's cut to the chase: how do you manage seamless and personalised interactions across all touchpoints that'll get you there?

The answer is simple: with a customer engagement platform.

In this blog post, we'll delve into the world of customer engagement platforms and explore how they can be leveraged to not only bridge the gap between businesses and their customers but also exceed expectations at every turn. 

So are you ready to dazzle, delight, and differentiate in the ever-evolving landscape of modern business? Let’s get reading!

What is a Customer Engagement Platform (CEP)?

A customer engagement platform is a software superhero that helps businesses manage, analyse, and supercharge the entire customer journey. It acts like your personal customer concierge, offering a suite of integrated tools and features for customer communication, marketing automation, customer data management, analytics, and personalised messaging. Customer relationship management in short.

💡Not to be mistaken for a customer engagement system (CES). A CES may not offer the same breadth of features as a CEP, it is typically more streamlined and specialised in managing customer communications and feedback.

CEP vs. CRM (or CES): What’s the difference?  

You should not be confusing CRMs with CEPs, although the terms can be closely related. 

While CRMs are used for managing customer data and sales pipelines, customer engagement platforms are geared towards orchestrating and optimising customer interactions across various channels to drive engagement and customer loyalty. A customer engagement platform focuses on the entire customer journey.

We need CEPs to take customer interactions and experiences to another level, whereas CRMs are crucial for mainly data collection and analysis.

Short overview of the key features of a customer engagement platform 

So, what are the key features that make a CEP tick? Let’s find out: 

  • Omnichannel communication: effortlessly manage conversations across email, chat, social media, phone, and even SMS — all from a single platform. No more switching between a million apps; just smooth sailing customer service.
  • Personalised messaging on autopilot: imagine sending a warm welcome email to a new customer or reminding them about a saved item on sale. CEPs automate these repetitive tasks, freeing your time to focus on more personalised interactions.
  • Customer segmentation – know your VIPs: group your customers based on their preferences and purchase history. This lets you tailor your communication and marketing efforts for maximum impact. 
  • Ticketing & helpdesk: streamline your support game with a centralised ticketing system. Resolve customer inquiries efficiently and keep everyone on the same page.
  • Data collection – intel at your fingertips: gain valuable insights on customer behaviour and sentiment. Reporting lets you refine your strategies and continuously improve the customer experience. Think of it as having a direct line to your customers' wants and needs.

💡 Automation and AI are pivotal to all these key features. Because you don't want to stop at setting up an amazing customer journey. You want to ensure your team easily manages customer experiences. Think of automated workflows that streamline your support process or scalable personalisation.

Why do you need a Customer Engagement Platform (CEP)?

According to Calabrio, almost 60% of customers won’t buy from a brand after a negative customer experience.

So when the stakes are that high, you need to deploy a customer engagement platform for all of the below scenarios: 

  • Team overload: juggling multiple communication channels and tools can leave even the most seasoned team feeling burnt out. With a customer engagement platform, you can streamline all your communication processes on one platform. 
  • Data in the dark: feeling like you're flying blind when it comes to customer behaviour? CEPs provide powerful analytics, giving you a clear picture of your customers' needs and preferences. 
  • Communication conundrum: your team might be a service superstar, but crafting tailored messages can be a whole other story. CEPs offer tools for personalised communication, including automated workflows and targeted campaigns. 
  • AI implementation into your service: the merge of AI in customer engagement platforms offers a safe and controlled route for crafting great answers, automating repetitive tasks and fetching more time for your team to focus on high-value interactions. 
  • Operation overload: feeling like you spend more time managing tools than connecting with customers? Customer engagement platforms eliminate the need for a hundred customer engagement tools, giving you precious time to invest in building stronger relationships.

An engagement platform example: Trengo

At Trengo, we consider a top customer engagement platform to be a transformation engine rather than only a tool. Here's what you can expect when you choose Trengo as your trusted customer engagement platform:

  • Back in control: trengo centralises all of your data, enabling you to see your customer interactions clearly and take control of all customer contact.
  • From scattered to centralised: no more piecing together customer data from different channels. Trengo provides a single source of truth, offering a complete picture of your customer service.
  • From reactive to proactive: imagine anticipating customer needs before they even arise. Trengo helps you transform from reactive service to proactive engagement, building stronger relationships with minimal effort.
  • Prioritise what matters the most: organise and prioritise your most critical customer conversations. This helps you to stay on top of your most urgent tasks and manage your time effectively.
  • Embrace automation and AI: Embrace the power of AI with confidence. Trengo offers a safe and controlled way to leverage automation, ensuring time-saving yet highly tailored interactions every time.

The key features a customer engagement software needs

We've established that a Customer Engagement Platform is the way to customer delight. But what exactly makes it so powerful? Let's dive into the key components that give CEPS their power:

1. Conversation management – mastering the customer dialogue

Imagine a platform that, across all channels, maintains every customer conversation arranged and at your fingertips. Emails, conversations, and messages from social media are all collected into a single overview by a CEP like Trengo. This makes it possible for your team to continue discussions where they left off, giving each consumer a seamless and customised experience. 

💡 You're taking away major customer turnoffs. Like customers having to repeat their questions multiple times.

2. Multichannel approach – meeting customers where they are

Today's customers are all over the map, literally! They might start a conversation on social media, switch to email for a quote, and then hop on a live chat for clarification. A CEP like Trengo empowers you to meet them on their preferred channel, providing a consistent and convenient experience regardless of where the conversation flows.

💡 Your team won't be missing messages going forward, just because they forgot to log into Facebook or other platforms. Everything is in one place.

3. Data management & analytics – turning insights into action

Data is king, but only if you can understand it. Trengo goes beyond simply storing customer information. The customer engagement platform provides powerful analytics that shed light on customer behaviour and preferences. 

💡 Your Support team lead is now flagging the conversation trends they've spotted. Too many questions about no-shows and rescheduling? Let's set up an automated workflow to relieve the team.

4. Integration capabilities – the power of a unified tech stack

A business cannot operate in a vacuum. Your current helpdesk software, marketing automation platform, and CRM should all work together flawlessly with a CEP. By centralising all of your customer data and streamlining your workflows, Trengo builds a strong tech stack that gives you a comprehensive understanding of your customer journey.

💡 Full customer profiles are necessary for your team to get back to customers with the right answer. So tie your tech stack together.

How do you choose the right customer engagement platform?

So, are you ready to unlock the magic of customer engagement with a CEP? But with so many options out there, how do you choose the right one? Here's a roadmap to guide you:

- Know your destination: identifying business needs & goals

Start by taking a clear look at your specific needs and goals. Are you looking to streamline customer engagement? Personalise customer journeys? Gain deeper customer insights? 

Identifying your priorities will help you narrow down the options and find a CEP that truly aligns with your vision. Just like Stefano did:

- Future-proofing your choice: scalability & integration

Imagine a CEP that grows alongside your business. Look for a platform that can scale to meet your future needs, accommodating a growing customer base and evolving requirements. Integration flexibility is also key. Ensure the CEP seamlessly connects with your existing software ecosystem, creating a unified tech stack for maximum efficiency.

Trengo did just that for Theo:

- Usability is king: prioritise user experience (UX)

Your CEP should be an extension of your team, not a burden. Choose a platform with a user-friendly interface that's intuitive and easy to navigate. A smooth UX empowers your team to work efficiently and deliver exceptional customer service.

See what Johann has to say about Trengo’s usability:

- Support when you need it: reviewing vendor support

Even the most user-friendly customer engagement software might require occasional assistance. Research the vendor's support offerings. Look for responsive customer support channels, readily available resources, and a commitment to ongoing product development.

Trengo’s customer service is always on point:

- The power of the crowd: community feedback

Don't underestimate the value of real-world user experiences. Read reviews on platforms like Capterra and G2 to gain valuable insights from other businesses using different CEPS. 

Here’s a review of Trengo on Capterra:

From planning to takeoff, putt customer delight into action

You've identified the need for a CEP, chosen the perfect platform (aka Trengo!), and now it's time to unleash its power on your business. 

This section will guide you through a smooth implementation process:

This is how you implement your platform

A successful CEP implementation requires careful planning. Here's a breakdown of the key stages:

  1. Planning & preparation: define your goals, identify key stakeholders, and create a clear timeline for implementing the CEP. 
  2. Migration & data cleansing: migrating your existing customer data to the new platform is crucial. Trengo’s onboarding focuses on seamless data transfer with their service team ready to assist whenever you need it. 
  3. Platform setup & customisation: time to tailor the platform to your specific needs! Configure settings, personalise workflows and integrate the CEP with your existing tools. Trengo's user-friendly interface makes this step a breeze.

Trengo provides training and after-purchase service but also has a dedicated knowledge base to help you through seamless onboarding:

Maximise your customer engagement platform’s potential: 6 onboarding best practices

  • Customised training: provide customised training sessions for your team to familiarise them with the platform's features and functionalities based on their roles and responsibilities.
  • Segmentation and personalisation: implement segmentation and personalisation strategies to tailor customer interactions and messaging based on preferences and customer behavior.
  • Test and iterate: conduct thorough testing of the platform's capabilities and workflows before full deployment, and iterate based on feedback and performance metrics.
  • Cross-functional collaboration: foster collaboration between departments (e.g., marketing, sales, customer service) to leverage the platform's capabilities effectively and optimise customer engagement strategies.
  • Monitor and analyze: continuously monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) and analytics to track the platform's effectiveness and make data-driven adjustments as needed.
  • Feedback mechanisms: establish feedback mechanisms for users to share their experiences, challenges, and suggestions for improving platform usage and functionality.

💡Trengo understands the importance of being in control of your customer engagement. Our onboarding process starts with adding customer favourite channels to the system so businesses can start reaching their audience instantly.

How are others using their customer engagement platforms?

Real-life examples are worth a thousand words. Let's delve into how businesses across various industries are leveraging Trengo as their trusted CEP – Customer Engagement Platform to transform their customer interactions:

Streamlined communication & integration for an SMB – MOUTON®'s success with Trengo

Challenge: MOUTON® needed a platform to integrate various communication channels (email, phone, WhatsApp) with their existing ERP system, streamlining customer support for their team of less than 50 employees.

Solution: Trengo's open API and clear documentation allowed their developers to seamlessly connect both systems.

Results: MOUTON® experienced a significant improvement in their customer support workflow. Roderick A., their Business Development Manager, highlights several key benefits on

  • Trengo's user-friendly interface made it easy for the team to adopt the platform.
  • Roderick particularly liked the easy-to-use flowbot creation feature, allowing customers to find answers to frequently asked questions without needing direct contact with support staff.

Lessons Learned: CEPs empower even small businesses to streamline communication, improve customer support efficiency, and integrate seamlessly with existing systems.

Solar Concept handles 10,000 conversations a month with Trengo

Challenge: Solar Concept was dealing with thousands of inquiries across multiple departments. Their workflow was both complex and technical.

Solution: Their marketing team found Trengo to help them engage their customers beyond the point of sale and help boost their customer ratings online.

Results: Today, Solar Concept successfully services and engages their 30,000 customers through Trengo. 

  • Their customer service team closes nearly 10,000 conversations per month, while the rest of the team ensures that no customer contact falls through the cracks between sales, planning and service. 
  • Solar Concept's customer satisfaction score now sits at 8.9/10— a strong rating considering the growing competition in the solar energy space.

Lessons Learned: Customer engagement platforms can empower marketing & communication teams to tackle high volumes of inquiries without leaving one unattended. Platforms like Trengo ensure not only customer delight but also a visible increase in your customer service score on paper.

Future trends in customer relationship management technology

As technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace, the landscape of customer engagement is expected to show significant transformation. As businesses become more customer-centric, it is only possible that emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, and the Internet of Things (IoT) will only revolutionise customer engagement platforms to make them more empathetic, hyper-targeted, and super-responsive.

  • The future CEPs will leverage the power of AI and chatbots to automate most of the tasks, while keeping conversations highly personalised. 
  • Businesses will bring all of their conversations under one platform for a more orchestrated and uniform service.
  • With growing concerns around data privacy and ethics, customer engagement platforms will prioritize transparency, consent, and data security.
  • Customer engagement platforms will leverage advanced analytics and predictive modelling techniques to anticipate customer behavior and preferences with greater accuracy. 

The customer engagement platform that'll bring you closer to customer delight

Trengo empowers you to deliver exceptional service and build lasting customer relationships. Our user-friendly customer engagement platform streamlines communication, personalises interactions, and frees up your team's time to focus on what matters most – creating those special customer moments.

Trengo is built specifically for consumer services businesses. We scale alongside your growth, adapting to your needs as you add team members or communication channels. Our platform also strikes the perfect balance with which you can empower your team for efficiency while ensuring personalised and delightful experiences for your customers.

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