How to boost revenue using WhatsApp marketing automation

Dec 8, 2022
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When it comes to marketing automation, the numbers really don't lie. According to research done by The Annuitas Group organisations that nurture prospects via marketing automation experience a 451% increase in qualified leads. While those nurtured leads also make 47% larger purchases than non-nurtured leads.

This is exactly why Trengo is rolling out its integration with the marketing automation platform Klaviyo this year. Because with over 2 billion active users, WhatsApp is an immensely valuable business channel. Showing the major potential of creating behaviour-based touchpoints that bring about conversion.

So let's look at the value of WhatsApp Business and talk about what the marketing automation integration, and using it on the most popular channel worldwide, means for your revenue.

A WhatsApp boost

That’s why, to reach out and involve people in your customer journey, you have an automated email flow set up. One that at triggering points sends out messages that lead to conversion. But, email is definitely not the only profitable channel for converting touchpoints.

As said WhatsApp holds over 2 billion active users worldwide. And as Meta states, over 175 million people around the world use WhatsApp to message businesses specifically. This makes WhatsApp valuable. Because it’s not just another channel that your teams need to manage. But these numbers show it’s an opportunity to meet your customers, interact with them and nudge them towards your products and services.

Where e-commerce emails have an average open rate of 15.68% (a bit lower than the email average of 21.33%), WhatsApp messages have an open rate of 90% and above! And the channel additionally lends itself to a more personalized look and feel than email. Emails can feel a bit more sales-minded at times as a lot of businesses (your competitors) are trying to contact your target audience there too.

So by setting up WhatsApp marketing automation you can definitely give a boost going into what might be a tricky year.

Why do you need Klaviyo and Trengo?

After adding this channel to your customer journey your team is not done. They’ve only just started. Because your team will have to start mapping how and where it is that WhatsApp can make an impact.

This is where Klaviyo and Trengo come in. Klaviyo is a marketing automation platform that gives you access to every order, click, like, review, product viewed, and more, so you can use this data to send personalized and relevant messages based on what your customers like, when they buy, and how they buy.

And Trengo is a smart customer engagement platform that connects businesses to the WhatsApp Business API. A connection is essential to your business to unlock all the valuable features the platform has to offer. And the Klaviyo integration will allow businesses to set up marketing automation based on data-based webshop triggers, for all your channels. Including WhatsApp!

How do you set up Klaviyo marketing automation?

So via the WhatsApp Klaviyo integration on Trengo, you will be able to set up WhatsApp business and data-based triggers. In short: a customer journey with relevant touchpoints via WhatsApp.

For instance, when someone views the new collection on the website, has added some items to the cart but never followed through. Or when someone interacts with the live chat and asks about out-of-stock products but then leaves. It’s still possible to follow up and get in touch via WhatsApp. And you will be certain that potential customers will see your message (remember the open rate). So prospects are not lost, and recurring customers are on the horizon.

The setup of Klaviyo marketing automation is easy, check out how to set up the integration here. And of course, Trengo can help wherever needed.

Examples of a WhatsApp marketing automation flow

So what would the set-up of a WhatsApp automation flow look like? Let’s show you two practical examples, one of an abandoned shopping cart and one of an outbound offer. Both via the Klaviyo marketing automation flow.

1. Abandoned shopping carts

For what Klaviyo calls ‘Browse Abandonment’ you can set up a trigger-based flow in Klaviyo that starts with a metric.

“This action [metric] can be any event activity captured through an integration (e.g., started a checkout, placed an order, filled out a form).”


Browse abandonment flows can help you convert casual window shoppers into customers by following up with those that view items on your site but never start a checkout or purchase. This flow can really be the difference between someone leaving and someone coming back and still converting.

Klaviyo marketing automation flow

Trick: You may not want to trigger browse abandonment emails for every item in your catalogue, however. But want to limit the scope of this follow-up to high-value products only. That’s when you trigger your flow using the Viewed Product metric, but also use a trigger filter to specify that only items with a value over X amount will qualify for the series.

Reactivate window shoppers

Opportunities for reactivation are very valuable. And these marketing automation flows can help you cash in on these opportunities. In more ways than one.

Whenever someone leaves a shopping cart filled with items this can have a couple of reasons. Lack of funds (at that moment), distracted, doubts about the choice of product or simply loss of interest. And for at least the first two reasons a minor nudge at the right time could work. For instance, a reminder message about the cart items timed at the end of the month, after payday, can be the push to conversion.

For the third reason, doubt about the choice of product, a small nudge can be very helpful. And it could equally prove a chance for upselling. Shooting someone a message with the offer of a similar product with better features can be exactly the prompt needed to take away doubts.

Tip: For all reasons listed above there is a chance for cross-sell. Take for example someone showing interest in a game console, you can prove helpful to let them know that in order to get started they also need cables X and Y etc. Klaviyo marketing automation is so advanced that you can set up these cross-sell triggers post-purchase easily.

2. Special holiday offers

A price drop is equally a trigger that can kickstart a converting flow. So a perfect and simple way to start your holiday sale!

A price drop flow allows you to alert customers and prospects whenever an item they viewed or started to checkout drops in price. And the price drop can either be a set amount (e.g. $10) or a certain percentage (e.g. 20%).

Engage via outbound marketing

The flow described above is all about reactivation and is very valuable. Because your number of ‘lost’ customers will highly likely decrease. But with a Klaviyo WhatsApp marketing flow reactivation doesn’t have to be the only goal. Because you can also be the first one to engage!

Especially during the holiday period outbound messages via WhatsApp can create a big buzz. Of course, the holiday season always already means a peak in visitors. But this thinking ahead to next year you can also really maximize the conversion. Is there a general sale? Shoot your customer base a WhatsApp message they are bound to see. Or are certain items dropping in price? Send a personalised WhatsApp message to customers that showed interest.

WhatsApp messages have a far more personalised feel than for instance an email. And are thus more likely to bring about conversions.

Trick: Also think of the upsell and cross-sell opportunities. Are people showing interest in a discounted collection? Then they might be interested in similar or related items and after the holiday period could still be interested in items from this collection. Or perhaps show interest in a collection similar to the discounted one. So keep in mind, to set up triggers and a flow for future sales too.

Check out how to set up triggers and flows here.

Set up Klaviyo marketing automation success

Marketing automation can make our lives a lot easier. It can ensure your team hold more conversations with prospects and customers in less time, and without additional effort. And via WhatsApp, you can be sure you meet your customers where they are, and make room for engagement and sales.

Klaviyo marketing automation can be just what your teams need to save them time, and what you need to boost revenue.

So get in touch, and we will tell you all about the integration that will get you through the holiday period next year around. Plan a talk with our experts here.

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