The best live chat scripts for businesses

Aug 13, 2021
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We all know that if you want to run a successful business, you need to do more than just sell quality products. More than ever, good customer communication is crucial. You need to be available at all times and on all your customer's favorite channels.

One of those channels is your website's live chat. Live chat is a great way for your visitors to get in direct contact with your team and get their questions answered. They'll appreciate it if you're fast, informal, and helpful. They'll be annoyed if you're slow and long-winded.

Doesn't sound too difficult, and it doesn't have to be. But when your customer service team gets busy, it can be tough to reply in a timely manner. And in that case, you'll need to figure out a solution.

This is where live chat scripts come in handy. Notice yourself writing down the same opening line manually too often? Or do you get the same question over and over that could do with an automated reply? That means it's time for a new script.

By supplying your team with the right live chat scripts, you'll significantly reduce waiting times and improve customer satisfaction.

What is a live chat script?

A live chat script is a pre-written response to the possible questions of your customers. They're ideal to save time on writing opening lines and answers to frequently asked questions.

What makes a good live chat script?

Each communication channel comes with its own etiquette. The same goes for live chat. Here are some things to keep in mind when creating a live chat script yourself.

Keep it conversational and informal

You're using a script to be more efficient, but that doesn't mean you have to turn into a robot. You don't want the customer to feel like they're being treated like a number.

On live chat, customers expect an informal and conversational style. Stick to your tone of voice, but avoid treating your live chat conversations as if they're an email.

Keep it short

Another thing customer service agents tend to copy-paste from their email style to live chat: long paragraphs of text. Please don't.

An important aspect of turning a live chat into a true conversation is using short messages. This makes it easy for your website visitor to digest what you're saying and reply.

Add links

Often, visitors go to your live chat because they can't find something. Whether it's your return policy or a specific product.

By adding links to the scripts, you'll hit two birds with one stone:

  1. You'll never have to look up those links again, all you need to do is head over to your scripts
  2. Your customer will get an answer faster

Do yourself a favor. Don't tell visitors how to navigate ("all you need to do is go to home > products > toothpaste"), but take the effort to send them the link. Even if you don't have it in a script somewhere.

How to use live chat scripts

There are two ways to use live chat scripts: manually or automated.

You can manually use live chat scripts by creating quick replies. This will allow you to simply insert messages into chat conversations with the click of a button.

If you'd like to automate your scripts, you'll have to use a chatbot. With a bot, the scripts will be triggered by specific keywords said by your customers.

Learn how to create and launch your own no-code chatbot here.

Excellent live chat scripts for any situation

Let's get down to what you came here for. We put together live chat scripts for a wide variety of situations. From greeting new and repeat customers to proactive sales messages.

Live chat scripts for welcoming visitors

New customer

  • Hello there! Thank you for getting in touch with us. What can I do to help you today?
  • Hello. I hope you are having a lovely day. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Repeat customer

  • Hi [add customer name if available]! It's great to hear from you again. How can I be of service to you today?
  • Hi there, [add customer name if available]. Welcome back to your [brand name]. Anything I can do to assist you this time?

Proactive messages

Proactive support messages

  • Hi there, all the information on this page may be a lot to take in at once. I am right here if you need any help.
  • Hello! Would you mind letting me know if you need me to give you a quick summary of what services we offer? I am here if you need me.

Proactive sales messages

  • I see you added a [product name] to your cart. We have a [product name] that would perfectly fit with it. Would you like to see it?
  • Hello. Customers who purchased [product a] also liked [product b]. Would you like to see if it is something you might be interested in? Let me know, I'll send you the link.

Apologizing to your customer

  • We seem to be encountering some problems with our system. We apologize for any issues this might have caused. We are trying to fix the issue as we speak.
  • Hello [customer name]. This is a mistake on our part, sorry about that. I will let you know when we have fixed this issue.
  • Unfortunately, this request is outside the range of our capabilities. We'll let you know as soon as we include this feature in our system. Is there anything else we can help you with in the meantime?

Requesting the customer to share their screen

  • I'm having some difficulty pinpointing the exact problem based on the information you have provided. Would it be possible for you to share your screen with us?
  • Sharing your screen will help me identify the specific issue you are experiencing faster. Would you be comfortable with that?

Forward a request to the manager

  • My manager can provide more helpful insight on this issue. I will connect you to him in a moment.
  • My manager has extensive experience in this field. Could you give me a moment while I connect you to him?

Reaching out to a dormant customer

  • Hello, [customer name]. We miss you. We have launched a lot of new products since we last saw you. Follow this link to check them out: [link here].
  • Hello there, it's been a while since we last saw you! I hope all is going well. We currently have a 20% on all of our products. Just use this code: [code].

Booking meetings

  • I would love to schedule a call to tell you all about [your company name]. You can book a meeting here: [link].
  • Thanks for showing interest in our product. I can tell you all about in a one-on-one demo. You can book a meeting here: [link].

Ending the conversation

  • Thanks again for reaching out, [customer name]! Please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with in the future. For now, enjoy the rest of your day.
  • Thank you, [customer name]. We really appreciate you visiting us today.

Requesting feedback

  • We are always trying to improve our service. Would you mind filling out this form [link] after our chat?
  • Would you have time to fill out this short survey about your experience with us? It only takes about two minutes of your time: [link].

Conveying additional information

  • Did you know that we have an online community where users share tips on using our products better? Follow this link to join us: [link].
  • We also have a YouTube channel with a lot of videos about [topic you just discussed]. If you're interested, feel free to take a look: [link].

Provide the best customer experience via live chat

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