Onboarding at Trengo: this is how we turned into inbox experts in no time!

Jul 14, 2020
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Two weeks ago, I started my Trengo adventure together with my new colleagues Niels, Aga, and Jurre. After an inspiring presentation on our first workday, the onboarding process had started. With a long to-do list and a Trengo account, I started working. It was time to explore the inbox.

Our first impression

I was happily surprised by the clear inbox of Trengo. With a sidebar on the left side and a toolbar at the upper side, there was a great workspace left to manage my tickets. Jurre, our Customer Success manager, was impressed by all the possibilities within the inbox. “You can integrate almost every popular communication channel within the inbox. I added the first channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram super fast.” Niels, our new recruiter, defines the inbox as clear and intuitive. “I quickly figured out where to go.”

The moment I started my registration at Trengo, I got a list of goals that helped me to set up the inbox. The list consisted of steps to connect channels and start initial conversations. Because of this, I was communicating on my first channels in no time. Aga, our product specialist, started working immediately. “It was clear what I had to do.” Niels also found this list of great support. “By focussing on the to-do list, my registration was completed in no time.” Soon, our first goals were achieved.

My personal inbox

After integrating the channels, I gradually received my first tickets. Now it was time to get the tickets to the right place. I love a clear inbox and Trengo gave me the right tools to create some structure. By adding channels and labels, my inbox got a personal touch. “Every business has its own way of working. I was surprised how fast personal needs can be implemented within the inbox,” says Jurre. He had set up his inbox so that the tickets for Customer Success were automatically filtered. Super handy!

Niels sees opportunities in using the inbox as a recruiter. “It is very easy to ask for feedback about candidates in the internal chat.” He thinks chatting with his HR colleagues about candidates is a great plus. “I was always wondering when there would be an application to streamline all my communication.” With Trengo he doesn’t need to switch channels, but has all his chats together in one place.

Automate communication

Trengo offers several options to automate your communication. Think of quick replies, auto-replies, chatbots, and rules. This may sound challenging at first, but we all quickly managed to use these tools optimally. "I asked my girlfriend to chat with my chatbot," says Jurre. "It worked perfectly."

It is nice to see that colleagues with different roles see different opportunities in the use of the chatbot. “As a recruiter, you often get the same questions, such as: is the vacancy still open, do you still accept candidates and in which language should I apply? It would save me a lot of work if the chatbot could answer these questions,” says Niels.

Aga was impressed by the personal aspect of the flow and chatbot. “The flowbot feels like a robot, but you can make it more human. For example with a delay in the response time. This way you don't frighten customers.” 

What I like most about Trengo is the wide range of possibilities. You can automate many repetitive tasks by using auto-replies and quick replies, but also with using chat and flowbots. There is a suitable solution for everyone. For me, the auto-replies and quick replies were a good start to add in my inbox. But I soon wanted to automate more and started working on my own chatbot. 

Helpdesk and support

Setting up the inbox was very easy, but I came to a point where I just needed some technical help. This had to do with setting up the chatbot. My chatbot didn’t recognize the questions I had added. Thanks to team Customer Success, I soon found out that the problem was in my Google Cloud Key. I made a new key and the problem was solved.

I had amazing support from Trengo's help center and the Customer Success team, just like a real customer. This was a great opportunity to test the skills of our Customer Success team ;). I also thoroughly researched the helpdesk to get some tools to work. 

Jurre was helped by Customer Success to integrate WhatsApp Business. He wanted to be able to app with customers from a business account, but he couldn't get WhatsApp to work. “It is satisfying that Customer Success also explains what the problem is, not just how to solve it. This provides insight into the technology behind the inbox, which I find very interesting.”

For enthusiastic and personal responses, you can also contact Customer Success. Niels can confirm that: “I thought I had sent a message in the test environment until I received a response from Customer Success. She wished me good luck with my onboarding. Oops!” he says laughing.

Let’s go to work 

The onboarding came to an end with individual presentations. Here we could show what we had learned in a short time to take up our positions from there. “It's great to have a relaxing onboarding with plenty of time to get to know the software. Now I know how I can make optimal use of Trengo in my position,” says Niels.

Aga is also very pleased with the onboarding process at Trengo. "Wow! That was the first thing I thought when I heard about the onboarding process. You learn at your own pace so that the training time is optimally used. I found this a very pleasant experience!”

The way we have been received as new colleagues is certainly worth mentioning. The whole team was there for me, full of enthusiasm and with a great passion for the product. We were invited for a barbecue even before we officially started and we successfully hand out the first drinks on our first Friday. As Jurre says, "My colleagues made me feel right at home." There’s no better way to start your career, right? 

Would you like to start with our onboarding process as well? We are always looking for new colleagues. Take a look at our website!

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