Press release: Trengo and Booking Experts

Jul 8, 2024
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Trengo and Booking Experts announce strategic partnership to create exceptional customer engagement for travel, leisure, and hospitality businesses

Amsterdam, Netherlands - 8 July, 2024 – Trengo, a leading customer engagement software, and Booking Experts, a premier property management system for holiday parks,  today announced a strategic partnership to transform guest experiences across the travel, leisure, and hospitality sector in Europe.

This collaboration brings together Trengo’s expertise in AI-powered customer communication and Booking Experts’ robust property management system, promising a unified solution that allows businesses to have more enriched conversations with their guests by including reservation information from Booking Experts directly in Trengo’s platform.

About Trengo

Trengo is a customer engagement platform that supports over 3,000 businesses globally in transforming customer conversations into meaningful relationships. By integrating all preferred communication channels into one intuitive, automated and AI-powered inbox, Trengo empowers teams to supercharge lead- and revenue generation and the overall customer experience. With Trengo, exceptional service is just the beginning; it’s about delivering delight in every conversation.

About Booking Experts

Booking Experts offers a comprehensive property management system tailored for holiday resorts, managing all aspects of resort operations. Their secure, cloud-based platform ensures seamless management of reservations, from check-ins to check-outs, providing a reliable solution for resort operators worldwide.

The Partnership

With Trengo’s increased focus on creating customer engagement solutions for businesses in the travel, leisure, and hospitality sector, the partnership with Booking Experts is a natural progression. The integration centralises all guest conversations across all channels (WhatsApp, email, website chat, Facebook, Instagram, and more), into one inbox, which can then easily display a guest’s booking information and history from Booking Experts.

This simplifies tracking guest booking histories and profiles, and enriches conversations, as Trengo and Booking Experts users have the right information on hand to guide guests more efficiently and personally. 

“We are thrilled to partner with Booking Experts and help businesses create exceptional guest experiences,” said Marili ‘t Hooft-Bolle, CEO of Trengo. “This collaboration underscores our commitment to making it easier for hundreds of holiday and recreational businesses to deliver customer delight by giving their teams the tools to have meaningful, efficient, helpful conversations with their guests.”

Wietze Bootsma, Head of Business Development of Booking Experts, agrees, “With this partnership, we’ll continue to improve the efficiency of guest communication. By bringing all conversations together on one platform, we help our customers deliver an undeniably positive guest experience.”

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