Here's how your team can easily transition to remote work

Apr 30, 2020
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In a time where many teams are being forced to work remotely, some of the software you work with is really being put to the test. And when it turns out your current tools don’t allow your team to be just as productive, collaborative, and efficient as in the office, it is time for a transition.

Changing a tool can be stressful, let alone if you have to do it with a remote team. Because this task seems so challenging to managers, many of them are currently sticking with their old and flawed tools.

That’s why we have made sure that it is easy to get Trengo up and running in no time. Trengo is a way for teams to collaborate on all of their communication channels (such as email, voice, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and live chat) in one inbox. No matter where you work from.

1. Easily set up your inbox in no time 📖

Nobody wants to waste too much of their valuable time on having to figure out how to use their new remote support software. Especially since managing a remote team probably already takes up enough of your time.

That’s why our developers have focused on simplifying the setup process as much as possible. Now, connecting your communication channels and setting up teams can be done in no time.

When you or your team members need some more extensive information on a specific topic, you can simply click ‘more information’. This leads you to an in-depth article in our help center. Have more questions? Type in your question in the help center’s search bar and it will supply you with the answer. 

2. The settings apply for all users 👬

No matter how many users you plan to give access to your Trengo inbox, it won’t cost you or your team members any extra time. All the settings in the inbox apply for all users. So no need to go through the setup process time and time again. The setup process is easy:

  1. First, you create your account
  2. Add your communication channels
  3. Add users that will be using the tool
  4. Set up teams and assign respective responsibilities
easy set up for your team inbox

This doesn’t mean you have to give all of the users the same rights. You can place each individual team member in their own team, so they will only get access to a specific part of the incoming messages.

3. Our team inbox is user friendly ✋✨ 

Trengo enables an intuitive workflow. The first thing you see upon entering is how the inbox overview is just as clear as, for instance, Outlook or Gmail.

This makes it easy for users to quickly get the hang of using the inbox. Especially when onboarding new members in your remote team, you will spend less time explaining the tool.

Using the right remote support software saves you and your team a lot of time, as it enables easy internal coordination of your communication efforts. I won’t get into all of the specific possibilities, because the tool provides a lot of great features. However, I will provide you with a basic understanding of how it can quickly improve your team’s workflow.

First, you can connect all of your pre-existing communication channels to the inbox. This means that all of the messages you receive on different platforms such as WhatsApp, email, Facebook Messenger, live chat, and so on, can be read and replied to in one inbox.

The biggest advantage for remote teams is how easy it is to collaborate within the tool. In the blink of an eye, you can see who is picking up conversations and who is available for phone calls. Quickly pick up a conversation yourself or assign it to a specific team member or person. You can also @tag your colleague in a message to discuss a specific conversation. Besides that, you can label incoming conversations with names such as ‘URGENT’ to prioritize emails.

4. Automate your workflow and save time 🤖

With your team in full transition mode, you need as much time as possible to get used to your new team inbox while running all business as usual. Luckily, with Trengo you can automate a lot of time-consuming tasks.

  • Chatbots & flowbots
  • Rules
  • Auto replies
  • Quick replies

Chatbots can be true lifesavers for busy teams. They can be used to answer frequently asked questions via all your communication channels. Besides that, they can even collect leads by asking the customers for their contact information.

With rules, you can automate specific tasks within the team inbox. For example, you could automatically have incoming messages labeled or assigned to specific teams.

Auto replies are very useful for when your customers try to contact you outside of your business hours. You can activate this message for all of your channels, such as Twitter, Facebook Messenger, email, and live chat.

Quick replies are another useful form of automation that saves you tons of time. You can preformulate some frequently given answers, which you can later use in all of your conversations.

5. Keep up with your team’s performance 📊📈

Especially when your team is in a transitioning phase, managers want to pay close attention to their team’s performance. Within Trengo’s statistics, you will be able to do just that. Within a few clicks, you will be up-to-date on the number of new and closed tickets and which channels customers are using the most. Having this clear overview enables you to manage your resources accordingly. 

You will never be blind-sighted. Are the number of tickets growing and is your team no longer able to keep up? You will know in time. This makes Trengo’s remote support software so much easier to manage than others.

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