5 inspiring WhatsApp Business case studies

Jan 23, 2023
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WhatsApp Business has become a communication channel you can’t miss out on. Why? The answer is easy: it’s where your customers are and where they want you to be.

Many businesses are already successfully using WhatsApp Business. They have shown mindblowing results in sales, customer experience, and customer service. I’ve collected 5 WhatsApp Business API case studies that show you the possibilities of using WhatsApp as a Business.

Get ready to dive into the world of WhatsApp Business. 

Online Fashion Retailer Modanisa

Uses WhatsApp Business to offer quick, digitized service and increase their sales.

As an online fashion retailer, Modanisa experienced the increasing demands of its customers. That’s why they started looking for a way to give their customers a smoother customer experience and reduce their customer service response time. They found their solution in WhatsApp Business.

Using WhatsApp chatbots as a solution

First, Modanisa started building ‘Nisa’, a customer service chatbot powered by WhatsApp. The chatbot answers frequently asked questions and more personal questions by using dynamic content, all in five languages. By tracking the phone number back to the customer’s order, the chatbot can resolve questions about orders, returns, deliveries, and many other topics.

After building this customer service chatbot, Modanisa started building a second chatbot. This chatbot is more focused on e-commerce and helps customers during the entire customer journey: from browsing through the Modanisa catalog to buying a product.

Modanisa’s success in numbers

This WhatsApp Business Case Study of Modanisa is a perfect example of how WhatsApp can help you improve your customer service and increase your sales. Here are some numbers to invigorate this: 

  • 70% of customer inquiries are now completely resolved by the chatbot
  • 56% of customer contact takes place on WhatsApp
  • 55% of customers placed their first ever-order through WhatsApp
  • 36% cost savings in operating call centers
Source: Facebook

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Beauty Brand Paragon Technology and Innovation (PTI)

Uses WhatsApp Business to realize personal one-on-one conversations between customers and skin-care experts. 

In this WhatsApp Business Case Study, we shine a light on the Beauty Brand Paragon Technology and Innovation. The brand was looking for a way to give better online beauty consultancy and help customers buy relevant products. They started using WhatsApp Business to reach these goals. 

Creating an in-store experience via WhatsApp Business

PTI integrated WhatsApp Business into their website and social media channels by adding a ‘click to WhatsApp’ link. They also included their WhatsApp information on product packing. From here on, customers could click the link or send a WhatsApp message to start their personal shopping experience. 

This experience starts with a virtual assistant that gathers customer information and routes the customer to the skin expert that matches their needs. Once the personal conversation starts, the skin expert gives advice to the customer, showcases the right products, and tries to close sales directly. 

PTI’s success in numbers

Using Whatsapp Business increases PTI’s market reach, and boosts customer satisfaction and sales. The numbers speak for themselves:

  • 600% increase in interactions in one year through WhatsApp
  • 98.9% customer satisfaction rating, with 100% resolution within 48 hours. 
  • 10 times more inquiries are handled through WhatsApp. 
  • Increased sales conversations with WhatsApp. 
Source: Facebook

DIY store Hubo

Uses WhatsApp to give DIY advice and receive orders. 

Hubo started using WhatsApp when COVID-19 hit the Netherlands. At this time, many people decided to give their homes a makeover. And for their projects to be a success, they needed tools, materials, and of advice from professionals. Hubo then started offering their advice remotely and chose WhatsApp Business to help them do the job.

More than 180 Hubo stores, one WhatsApp number

When a customer wants to get in touch with Hubo, they can start a WhatsApp conversation on their website. After sharing their name, the customer can select the location they would like to get in touch with. By using a location finder, the conversation automatically forwards to one of the 180 Hubo locations. From that point on, the customer can chat with their local Hubo store. They can ask for advice by sharing pictures of certain situations or they can place an order they would like to pick up later. 

Would you like to use one WhatsApp number for multiple store or office locations too? Hubo uses Trengo to make this possible. In Trengo, they can not only collaborate on WhatsApp Business but also include other channels such as Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and email. 

Hubo’s success in numbers

For Hubo, WhatsApp turned into their number one communication channel, and for some store locations even the big revenue maker. 

  • Some Hubo stores currently get 60% of their revenue via WhatsApp. 
  • Hubo receives about 700 WhatsApp messages a day via Trengo. 

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Uses WhatsApp Business to create a personalized customer journey for each customer. 

How do you sell a perfume that the customer hasn’t smelled before? That’s a tough question to answer. You have to start thinking about other ways to let customers experience your products. That’s when Parfumado came up with the idea to create a personalized customer journey via WhatsApp. One in which they interact with customers using quizzes and offer exceptional customer service. 

Personal customer contact in the most efficient way

For Parfumado, WhatsApp has now become a very important communication channel. They can make personal contact with the customer and take that opportunity to link relevant marketing actions to conversations. For example, they invite customers to contact them via WhatsApp through a QR code. When the conversation opens the customer is asked for a screenshot of their perfume calendar. After sending the screenshot, they receive an automatic link with a form to fill out. When they’ve filled in the form, they will receive special perks. These sorts of interactions will make them customers with a longer lifetime value.

Trengo helps Parfumado set up a personal customer journey via WhatsApp. Besides that, Parfumado also uses Trengo to collaborate more efficiently, create an overview of incoming conversations from different channels and automate communication.

Digify Africa

Uses Whatsapp Business to educate African youth on the digital skills they need for career success.

Young people in Africa confront one of the world’s highest unemployment rates. Digify Africa wants this to change. That’s why they wanted to provide learning programs that educate youth on digital marketing and entrepreneurship and offer them freelance training. But there was one challenge: how do you offer online learning when there’s limited access to computers and laptops? As WhatsApp is one of the most popular communication channels in Africa, they decided to use the WhatsApp Business API and build two distinct chatbots for their learning programs. 

Using WhatsApp as a unique learning environment

Learners can start their learning on WhatsApp by either scanning the QR code on social media, clicking on Facebook or Instagram ads or sending a message directly through WhatsApp. In a central menu, learners can then start with a course module or pick a course of their choice. After completing a course, their knowledge will be tested via a quiz, and they can track their progress on a leaderboard. When a learner finishes all the modules, they earn a certificate that will help them find work in the future.

Digify Africa’s success in numbers

It's great to see that WhatsApp can play such an important role in educating people and lowering the unemployment rates in Africa. Here are some amazing results:

  • In less than one year, 136,000 people completed training through either one of the chatbots (compared to 120,000 people in their 11 years of operations). 
  • The learning program counts almost 40,000 active learners each week. 
  • 50% of learners who start a course also complete it
Source: Facebook

Write your own success story with WhatsApp Business

These five WhatsApp Business API success stories are just examples of how WhatsApp Business can help you achieve your goals and grow your business. Hopefully, they inspired you to start writing your own success story. 

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