What are WhatsApp channels and benefits of using them

Jun 19, 2023
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Meta has launched a new feature, and innovation to its most popular messaging channel worldwide, WhatsApp. Last week, the company announced it’s newest update, and well WhatsApp Channels are here to change the game.  Where WhatsApp Broadcasting already opened up outbound communication possibilities, WhatsApp channels are a new one-way broadcast feature. Users are able to follow channels and view bulk messages broadcasted by others, including businesses. 

Don’t miss out on the latest update and news, and keep reading to find out how you can become an early adopter and turbo-charge your WhatsApp channel and customer experience. 

Let’s start with: What are WhatsApp Channels?

Meta says it best: “Channels are a one-way broadcast tool for admins to send text, photos, videos, stickers, and polls.” Simple.

What does that look like exactly? Well to be honest it’s much like the status feature we already know from Instagram. Every since launch it’s now possible to view WhatsApp channels of sports clubs, shops and businesses you follow and to watch their updates. And to get there, customers can search a directory, or get invited via a link sent to them. 

The benefits of WhatsApp Channels for customers

Users will experience the power of convenience. WhatsApp introduces Channels, as a personal space for customers to receive information from sources they trust. This means that people no longer have to search the web or social media for updates on their interests. 

Instead WhatsApp Channels, in a dedicated 'Updates' tab, offer a one-way stream of news, insights, and more, without mixing them with private chats. Curious about what kind of content you can send? Hold tight, as we unveil the endless possibilities. 

Infinite, personalized content: From hobbies and sports teams to updates from local authorities, Channels offers a plethora of content tailored to customers. Fancy being a part of a cooking Channel or staying updated with your favorite football team? The choices are plenty.

Privacy: Channels guarantee privacy by not disclosing the phone numbers of admins and followers. Whether you’re an admin or a follower, customers can be sure that their identity remains concealed.

Encrypted Channels: Like all WhatsApp messages, the channels are encrypted. As WhatsApp acknowledges privacy and security concerns.‍

Dynamic updates: WhatsApp won’t get cluttered. Channel updates vanish from WhatsApp’s servers in 30 days, and admins can make them disappear faster from a device.

Public or Private? Your Call!: Businesses, as in all admins, have the flexibility to choose who follows their channel and whether they want it discoverable in the directory.

The Benefits of using WhatsApp Channels for your business

Every new WhatsApp feature, one more than the other, is an opportunity for businesses to optimize their customer journey. Because not only is WhatsApp moving towards providing end-to-end buying experiences on the platform, but it’s also offering possibilities to keep adding touchpoints and value. 

Be visible: Are you in the WhatsApp directory? Whenever customers go looking for interesting businesses to follow, you want to be present. So don’t wait to include your business in there.📚 Currently, the directory is only available in Brazil, so big change it’s not available in your country yet. We’ll keep you posted and in the meantime check out more information here.

Turbocharge Business Communication: WhatsApp Channel can and will help you to differentiate from competitors. Unleash the potential of rich and engaging communication. Share captivating updates, tantalizing promotions, and offers that no one can refuse. Add flair with mesmerizing photos, gripping videos, and polls that glue your customers to the screen. Whether B2B or B2C, stay ahead by building an empire of loyal followers. 

Add a new channel for revenue: Messaging platforms are not just for chatting with friends and family. Of course, most active users do use these platforms for that, but a large group is also browsing and buying. Ensure when customers reach your page that your products or services are stalled out, easily accessible, and that they can click to purchase directly.

 Plan Your WhatsApp Channel Strategy for 2023 Here!

WhatsApp marketing tips & tricks: how to provide Tailor-Made Marketing and convert 

Target smarter nog harder: Dive into the world of personalized marketing. Select your audience with precision and grant them VIP access to your exclusive content. Think of it as an all-access pass to the most sought-after gig! Your laser-targeted messages won’t just create a buzz; they'll send conversions through the roof!

Money Making Magic: Let’s talk profits. What if your WhatsApp Channels could mint money? Unlock your revenue streams by showcasing your products and services, and effortlessly transact using WhatsApp's payment services. Your sales will surge like the tides, and your coffers will overflow with joy!

Unmatched Customer Support: Enhance your brand image with world-class customer support via WhatsApp Channels. Provide instant answers, resolve queries, and ensure customer satisfaction that’s second to none. Build trust and create raving fans who advocate your brand.

Maximizing Business Opportunities Through WhatsApp Channels

You're now privy to the secret weapon of next-level business communication. It's time to take action. Partner with Trengo.com and harness the true potential of WhatsApp Channels for your business.

Ready to jump into the future? Channels are kicking off with global voices and select organizations in Colombia and Singapore. The worldwide rollout will follow shortly.

If you are intrigued by WhatsApp and want to make the most out of this opportunity, now is the time to act. Book a free demo from Trengo now and make waves in this digital revolution! with Whatsapp's official business partner

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