Klaviyo Whatsapp integration: Integrate WhatsApp & Klaviyo

Dec 1, 2022
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Connecting with customers is gold. It is the ticket to points of conversions and the much-coveted business growth, and revenue. But in order to really connect with customers you need to set up excellent customer journeys first.

You are triggering touchpoints via your Klaviyo marketing automation flow at the right time, for the right segment, and via email. But why stop at this channel? Even with great conversion on your emails, it can’t hurt to gain more qualitative leads.

There are various nudges you can give customers that can make the difference between someone leaving and someone converting. But these nudges or touchpoints are not just stuck to one channel. Simply because your customers are not stuck to just one channel.

That’s why in this blog, we’ll show you how to integrate WhatsApp, the most popular social media platform worldwide, into your existing marketing automation flow. So you can set up an end-to-end journey that will maximize your customer experience.

What does WhatsApp add to your email marketing automation flow?

WhatsApp is not just another channel that you add to your email marketing automation flow and other channels. Because over 175 million people around the world use WhatsApp to message businesses. And WhatsApp has an average open rate of around 90%, compared to the average email open rate of 21.33%.

This means that a WhatsApp automation flow has immense value when it comes to connecting with customers because the platform holds a lot of potential engagement. So why not, next to your email automation flow, look at how to trigger WhatsApp messages at the right time?

What does a WhatsApp automation flow look like?

Your marketing automation flow is set up to connect with customers at a triggering time. When they’ve put an item into their cart for instance but then left the site, or when they’ve clicked on the discount code in the newsletter but haven’t used it yet.

But after an interaction with the website or an email, or whenever they don’t interact with emails at all, you don’t want to lose buyers. Queue: the WhatsApp Klaviyo integration.

Because of this integration, you will be able to set up triggers and start automation flows via WhatsApp Business. So when a customer leaves items in their shopping cart, you create a flow that automatically, after a day or so, sends a message via WhatsApp. Giving a small nudge. Or perhaps even including an upsell message saying that their shopping cart items work best with item X. With over 2 billion active users on WhatsApp, and as said an open rate of 90%, this automation flow is really set up for high conversion rates.

So how do you set up the WhatsApp Klaviyo integration?

Let’s go through the simple steps of creating this automated WhatsApp flow. So you can reach customers at the right time, and nudge them towards conversion.

First of all, you need to connect to the WhatsApp Business API to unlock most WhatsApp Business features. But luckily you don’t have to set this connection up yourself. A Business Solution Provider like Trengo can help you and make sure everything is connected properly. For more information on the WhatsApp API setup check our blog.

The step-by-step of your WhatsApp automation flow

Once you’re set up with a customer engagement platform like Trengo, you’re good to go on starting your WhatsApp marketing automation flow in Klaviyo.

As an example, let’s follow the trigger of someone subscribing to the newsletter. After the subscription, you don’t want this lead to sit. So let’s send a message via WhatsApp. Touching base with them about a special discount code they can receive or about that new collection you’re promoting.

Let’s go through the setup step-by-step:

1. Make sure you can set up triggers by integrating Klaviyo with Trengo

As you know Klaviyo is a marketing automation platform that gives you access to every order, click, like, review, product viewed, and more, so you can use this data to send personalized and relevant messages based on what your customers like, when they buy, and how they buy.

And the WhatsApp Klaviyo integration with your customer engagement platform will support you in finding and setting up the right triggers that lead to conversions!

2. Next, navigate to Klaviyo > Flows > Create Flow

3. Click ‘Create From Scratch’

4. Name your new flow, optionally add a tag, and click ‘Create Flow’

5. Select and add a trigger from the left sidebar

Tip: Might sound obvious but think about what experience you want your customers to have. Where do they come in (the trigger) and where do you want them to end up (conversion point)? The clearer this flow is, the better their journey!

6. Add the ‘Webhook’ action to your flow

Trick: For the webhook configuration check out the Klaviyo help center.

7. Review your flow, set the action status, and click ‘Turn on’ to publish your Klaviyo flow

Start reaching your customers where they already are with an automated WhatsApp flow

Before we can start leading customers on a journey, we have to catch their attention. Of course, prospects and customers are calling and emailing but they are also on WhatsApp. Everyday users spend an average of 38 minutes on the platform. So why stop at your email automation flow?

Add the most popular social media platform worldwide to your channels using the WhatsApp Klaviyo integration within Trengo. And set up triggers and touchpoints to ensure you can connect with your audience in the right place, at the right time.

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