WhatsApp recruitment: Benefits, set-up guide and templates

May 22, 2023
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WhatsApp recruitment? Yes or no? We say wholeheartedly: hell yes! 

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app in the world. Businesses use the app to communicate with customers. Why not communicate with candidates? You can use WhatsApp for recruitment in multiple ways. The result? WhatsApp speeds up the recruitment process, lowers the bar for applicants to reach out, and keeps the conversation going between you and the candidates. 

In this blog, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about WhatsApp for recruiters. We’ll start with the benefits, guide you through how to set it up, and end with some clean and simple message templates you can copy and paste.

Why WhatsApp can be a powerful channel for recruiters

There are endless possibilities for WhatsApp recruitment. However, you can’t use WhatsApp to send cold messages. That goes against WhatsApp’s policy. But if we’re really honest, we don’t want to reach out to someone cold turkey anyway.

So how does WhatsApp recruitment work? There are plenty of ways to use WhatsApp for recruitment. Let’s start with a few! 

  • Invite applicants to casually reach out via WhatsApp 
  • Reach out to a candidate after the first contact 
  • Informally answer questions about the vacancy 
  • Easily send over documents like resumes or introductory videos 
  • Set up interview dates 

But what are the benefits? 

The benefits of WhatsApp recruitment

The benefits of WhatsApp for recruiters? First and foremost, WhatsApp complements all other communication channels. It gives applicants the option to reach out to your company in an informal way. So whoever is interested in the vacancy, you give them the option to reach out in a way they feel comfortable with. We all love to have a choice right? 

Think about how you communicate on WhatsApp. Applicants don’t have to send a formal email. They can show their interest by simply sending a short message. This works both ways. You don’t have to spend a lot of time on the phone with a candidate, you can have the answers you need within minutes. 

So WhatsApp for recruitment lowers the bar to reach out. This is especially useful when you want to attract a younger audience. Gen Z isn’t a fan of emails or calls. 

On the other hand, it usually takes a lot of time to get an answer back from someone by email. But when it comes to WhatsApp, we use the app for 38 minutes every single day. WhatsApp is simply just faster.

Why you need the API for WhatsApp recruitment 

Do you want to take advantage of the benefits of WhatsApp for recruitment? Then you need the WhatsApp Business API. Without the WhatsApp API, you can’t do any of the tricks we’re about to show you. 

The WhatsApp Business API is designed for businesses to manage conversations on a large scale. It allows you to put WhatsApp chat on your website, automate your conversations and collaborate together with your recruitment team.

How to set up WhatsApp for recruiters

Now that you know the many benefits of WhatsApp recruitment and the ways you can use the app for your business, it’s time to dive into how to set it up. 

First, you need to start with the API. Trengo is a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider. This means that you can connect the API to our platform. With Trengo, you get all the benefits of the WhatsApp API and simultaneously work on our platform together with your recruitment team. You can set up the WhatsApp API in Trengo within 10 minutes.

  1. Start your 14-day free trial at Trengo
  2. Go to settings > WhatsApp Business
  3. Click “Connect your number” 
  4. Click on “Get started” 
  5. Confirm that you have a Facebook Business account or create one
  6. Read the information about your phone number
  7. Confirm that you have a number that meets the requirements
  8. Connect your Facebook account
  9. Create a WhatsApp Business account with the name of your company and the address of your business
  10. Click on continue to log in
  11. Check if everything is filled in correctly and click on next
  12. You have successfully activated your number on the WhatsApp Business API!

Once you have access to the API, it’s time to put it to good use. WhatsApp recruitment only works if you let the applicants know they can reach you via WhatsApp. That all starts with WhatsApp chat on your website.

How to put a WhatsApp chat on your website

When you have a vacancy online, your call to action can be to send an email. But wouldn’t it be far more convenient for the applicant to immediately reach out via WhatsApp? They can ask a question or send their resume. This enables the recruiter to immediately get a conversation going.

There are 3 ways to let applicants reach you via WhatsApp: click to chat, a QR code, or Trengo’s multichannel widget. All options make it easy for applicants to send you a message via WhatsApp once they are on your website. In this blog, you’ll find how to set up each of these individual options

Now that you have the API and the WhatsApp chat on your website, it’s time to use automation. 

How to automate your communication

As a recruiter, you are well aware of the frequently asked questions during the recruitment process. Think about salary, secondary terms, and holidays. When you get a lot of applications, it’s easier to automate your communication and set up standardised messages. 

This way you don’t form an answer right away, the automation does the work for you. Think about auto-replies during out-of-office hours, quick replies for frequently asked questions, and rules that send the application immediately to the right recruiter. Just pick the 5 most frequently asked questions and set them up in Trengo

When it comes to automation, you can send standardised messages and set up rules. Or… you can let a chatbot do the talking for you. With the API, you can train a chatbot to become a part of your recruitment team. A chatbot recognizes words and forms answers based on your input. This means that whenever you have a popular vacancy online, your chatbot filters out unqualified candidates by asking the right questions. You can set up a chatbot or flowbot easily with Trengo. Hristo explains how to build a recruitment chatbot to engage with candidates. Step by step!

How to collaborate with colleagues 

Are you working together with your recruitment team on multiple vacancies? With the API, you can collaborate with your team on WhatsApp. This way, whenever a candidate shoots your company a message, you can let your team know that you’ll handle the conversation. Or if it’s a vacancy in another department, you tag a colleague and assign the conversation to them. You can find all tips and tricks on how to work effectively together as a team here.

5 ready-to-use WhatsApp recruitment message templates

Are you ready to get started with WhatsApp for recruitment? To make WhatsApp recruitment as easy as possible, you can copy-paste 5 message templates. Right here and now. Adjust them a little to make it match your brand voice and you’re ready to go! 

1. Hi [name]! Thank you for your interest in [vacancy]. I’m happy to answer any questions you have. What do you want to know about the [vacancy]? 

2. Hi [name]! Are you and [company] a match? Can you send us your resume and tell us why you want to apply? Simply just upload the document here! 

3. Hi [name]! We can’t wait to meet you today. Here’s a video of our team to give you an impression of the company. We look forward to collaborating with you!

4. Hi [name]! Our interview tomorrow will take place at [location pin]. If you have any questions upfront, please let me know. We’re excited to meet you! 

5. Hi [name]! It was great meeting you. We would love to schedule a follow-up interview with you and [team member]. You can get to know her and our team in this video. When are you available for a follow-up interview? 

  • [option 1]
  • [option 2]
  • [option 3]

Bonus💚: Try to play with the functionality of WhatsApp and the audience you’re talking to. How about mixing it up with some emojis, polls or videos? Gen Z likes fun! 

Hi [name]! Thank you for applying to [vacancy]. We want to get to know you better. Can you describe yourself in emojis? 💃🏽👩🏻‍🎨‍🚴🏻‍♀️🏊🏻‍♀️

Hi [name]! A resume is great, but a video is even better. Can you send us a 1-minute video where you introduce yourself? 📹

Start WhatsApp recruitment with Trengo

WhatsApp recruitment lowers the bar for applicants to reach out, speeds up your recruitment process, and invites candidates to start informal conversations. In Trengo you can manage all your communication channels in one platform. Every WhatsApp message, email, or Instagram DM finds its way into your unified inbox. Do you want to start with WhatsApp recruitment? We’ve got you covered in automation, channels, and teamwork. Our customer success team is happy to help you set it up.

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