How to Add a WhatsApp Chat to Your Website

August 15, 2021

Looking to add a WhatsApp chat to your website? You’ve come to the right place.

Not long ago, the average website visitor didn’t mind contacting a business via its live chat. But more and more people value being able to use their favorite communication channels to keep in contact with businesses. For a lot of people in 2021, that channel is WhatsApp. By now, WhatsApp has over two billion users worldwide. And this number is steadily growing.

That’s why companies are now putting a WhatsApp chat button on their websites. And in this article, we’ll explain how you can do the same thing.

Why you should add a WhatsApp chat to your website

There are two main reasons you should consider embedding WhatsApp on your website.

Keep in touch after the visitor leaves

When a website visitor reaches out via live chat, you won’t be able to contact them after they leave. And with patience running thinner every day, customers tend to leave faster than ever. Unless you have the time to instantly reply all day long.

But when a visitor gets in touch via WhatsApp, they get the same experience — without having to stay on your website to await an answer. This gives them a better experience, and it gives you more time to reply.

Add a personal touch

Where live chat used to feel informal and personal, it has grown into a communication channel that many businesses treat the same way as email. This makes it less attractive and special for website visitors.

WhatsApp, on the other hand, is an app we all use to talk to our friends and family every single day. By inserting your business into that environment, you automatically build a more personal relationship with your customer. Especially if you can manage to reply fast and use the right informal tone of voice.

How to embed a WhatsApp chat on your website

There are three ways to let your customers contact you via WhatsApp as a chat on your website.

  • Click and chat
  • QR code
  • Trengo multichannel widget

1. Click to chat

The click to chat feature lets customers click an URL in order to directly start a chat with another person or business via WhatsApp. You don’t need to save any phone numbers in your phone to do this. With the link, you simply open a chat and start typing. This works for the smartphone app as well as for WhatsApp Web.

With this feature, you could hyperlink a sentence such as ‘WhatsApp us!’ to WhatsApp. You could also type out your phone number and hyperlink it.

To make a click to chat link, you need to edit this link:[WhatsAppNumber]. Replace ‘WhatsAppNumber’ with the phone number you would like to use.

A click and chat link is obviously fine to offer on your contact page, but it gets a little difficult when you want to offer WhatsApp throughout your entire online customer experience. Having to share this link on every single page will make your website look messy.

2. QR code

Having to add a phone number to your contacts to start a WhatsApp conversation can feel time-consuming for your customers. Especially when you want to offer this channel as a business, this isn’t a feasible way. Think about the steps a customer has to take:

  1. First, they have to look up your phone number
  2. Next, they have to save you as a contact. This includes the name of your company and phone number. If they need to do this for all the companies they are in contact with, their contact list may explode one day.
  3. Finally, the customer has to navigate to WhatsApp, look you up, and only then can they start a chat.

This doesn’t take hours. But it also doesn’t make for a flawless customer experience. And that’s the goal.

That’s why some companies have started to create QR codes to start a conversation. All they have to do is create the code and place it on their website for customers to easily start a chat.

To create such a QR code, one must first create a click to chat link. This link can then be turned into a QR code via websites such as QR Code Generator or QR Code Monkey.

Want to know how using a QR code feels for a customer? Try out starting a conversation with our own Trengo WhatsApp account via this QR code:

3. Trengo multichannel widget

The best way to add WhatsApp as a chat on your website is by using a multichannel chat widget, such as Trengo. With this, your customers can pick their favorite communication channel on your website. They can choose WhatsApp, or any other channel, such as live chat, Twitter, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Telegram, and SMS.

An example of a website widget with WhatsApp Business as one of the available channels.

Another important advantage is that Trengo offers the possibility to use WhatsApp with multiple users, which isn’t possible with the official app. Your team can easily collaborate on conversations in one WhatsApp account. In the inbox, they can @tag each other and assign messages to specific colleagues or teams.

Add a WhatsApp chat to your website today

No matter which of the above options you decide to use, make sure to add WhatsApp to your website today. It’ll only cost you a little bit of your time, and your customers will thank you for it.

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