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How improves customer engagement thanks to Trengo

"Because of Trengo, we're able to save time, effort and money."

Real Estate
140+ werknemers

While it is true that a good product helps to capture the attention of potential customers, good customer service is key to taking care of the user experience and finally closing the sale. And especially when it comes to a business with a human factor as big as's: buying and selling a home. is a tech platform that aims to be a one-stop-shop for real estate needs, where both, seller and buyer, meet on the same digital platform to satisfy their needs in relation to housing.

They started in 2019 with 5 people and today are 140 employees strong. With a drastic increase in staff and customers, realised that they needed to implement a system that supported their large volume of requests.


Given the increase in the number of users using the platform, whose needs also differ greatly from one another, felt the need to establish more efficient and fluid customer journeys. And it was clear that Trengo could help out in different aspects:

  • Providing the ability to be in constant contact with customers. In order to give personalised attention and follow-ups.
  • To be able to automate messages and information flows in a consistent and efficient way.
  • Optimise their communication flows to focus their efforts on more core tasks.

WhatsApp: a window of opportunity

“Measuring the average response time on Whatsapp today is more than relevan.”

With a volume of messages that went up to around 3,000 messages, it was very clear that Whatsapp would be a channel with a lot of potential. For creating engagement with the user and maintaining fluid conversations. And to do so, they implemented several resources:

1. Whatsapp templates, in order to keep the conversation going.

2. Sending notifications about the status of a visit or offer.


Time results in money and availability, to put efforts into other areas of improvement. This goes hand in hand with a platform that streamlines communication processes and relieves teams of operational burdens. Not only gave Trengo, the opportunity to invest its resources in other areas but it also streamlined communication with users and avoided leaving customers unattended.

"Technology works best and is most effective when no one knows it is there."

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