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“It used to take a minimum of an hour to respond, and now, with Trengo, we are at a 20-minute response time.”
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Challenge: Keeping up with messages coming in on multiple channels

Buying a bike these days is easy. Maintaining it, however, is another story, especially when it comes to premium and professional bikes. That's exactly why Bike Hero stepped in.

It all started with avid cyclists in Singapore sharing frustrating experiences around finding a mechanic, taking the bike to the shop, waiting for it to get fixed, and all the while not knowing how much it will all cost.

Bike Hero believes getting your bike serviced should be as easy as buying it. Their team of 30 specialised mechanics serves the Singaporean cycling community in their own homes with the utmost transparency regarding servicing their wheels.

And convenience is key, Bike Hero’s service took off. However, with a team that’s busy servicing more than 10.000 number of customers across Singapore, communication and bookings on WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook became almost impossible to manage.

Messages sometimes were left unread, follow-ups weren't always done, and replies sometimes had long gaps. Management needed to find a way to ensure that customers and leads were not ignored.

Solution: Automating operational processes

Today, with the help of Trengo’s workflows automation, Bike Hero has bolstered the team’s efficiency.

1. They've set up Rules:

That automatically assign incoming customers to the operations team. And this has helped minimise mistakes and eliminate task ambiguity to save even more time.

2. Additionally, Bike Hero uses Quick Replies:

Ensuring consistent responses to all customers regardless of who replies. This helps the team avoid the need to be communication experts and provides opportunities to upsell Bike Hero’s subscription service.

By automating repetitive operational tasks they can now quickly personalise messages to leads asking common questions, freeing up time for the team to focus on more urgent requests.

Result: Faster response time, happier customers

“It used to take a minimum of an hour to respond, and now, with Trengo, we are at a 20-minute response time.”

Bike Hero is proud of its average rating of 5 stars on Google, thanks to high-quality and effective communication. It is confident that, despite the ballooning number of customers it serves and the distance its mechanics cover, the quality customers have come to expect will always be delivered.

“A lot of our customers have given us positive reviews, saying that we’re fast, easy and efficient through WhatsApp.”

The results of the changes and confidence in automation are palpable in the team. All team members can now take on bigger projects to help the company grow further, all of which ultimately are targeted at building high-quality customer experience.

Bike Hero


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