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September 22, 2022
Sep 22, 2022

How to set up a Telegram Business account

Renske Start
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Telegram Business

Telegram is a fast-growing social platform with over 550 million users worldwide. And it is still gaining popularity with an average of 500,000 new sign-ups daily. The messaging platform has become one of the best ways for people to chat with friends and family easily.

But the platform is not just for individual use. There can also be used by businesses. And with the popularity of Telegram, it makes sense you want to have a business presence on the platform.

We will:

  • tell you all about the features that will help your company get the most out of the platform
  • and walk you through the steps of setting up a Telegram Business account

So you can use Telegram to tell people about your brand and meet your customers where they are.

But first: what is Telegram Business used for?

Telegram is a cloud-based mobile and desktop messaging app with a focus on security and speed.”

Telegram and WhatsApp share some similarities. They are both messaging platforms. But unlike WhatsApp, Telegram focuses on seamless synchronization. The platform will let you access chats from multiple devices at once.

The nature of Telegram makes the platform a great opportunity for business as well. Organizations can use Telegram to:

  • Communicate with customers and provide customer support 24/7
  • Monitor data such as the number of views, subscribers, mentions, and reposts to track digital marketing success
  • Keep the conversation going and understand how customers are engaging with the business

What are the most important features of Telegram Business?

What does Telegram offer? We’ll list some of the features that your customer support team can use to get in contact with your customers:


There are two types of Telegram channels:

  • Private channels: where users can only join a private channel after receiving an invite.
  • Public channels: where users can have access to the channel by searching for and joining.

In a Telegram group, all members can see each other, while in a channel members cannot see other members. You can use these channels to create awareness for your business. Or invite customers specifically for messages intended just for them.

Chat groups

Similar to a regular group chat, a Telegram group enables multiple users to send and receive messages at the same time. Telegram allows up to 200,000 users in a group. This feature makes it very easy for businesses to build a community of customers or prospects.

Telegram Chatbot

A Telegram chatbots can simulate conversations with customers. This can help balance the workload of your support team. Because recurring customer questions can be handled via the chatbot first. It can handle sign-ups and gathers contact details. Or resolve product inquiries, and send notifications or updates.

To get started with the Telegram Bot, you need to set up a connection to the Telegram Business API. The API is free but it doesn’t however have an interface. So you will need a customer support software like Trengo to create this connection to your CRM.

Learn more about the Telegram chatbot and what it can do for your business.

Focus on privacy

Typically, the Telegram app does not offer end-to-end encryption for messages, which means it may not be the most secure way to send or receive confidential information from customers. But the Telegram secret chat feature encrypts all messages and prevents parties from forwarding messages to a conversation in which this feature is enabled. Protecting your customers' security.

So how to create a Telegram account for business

No need to download a separate Telegram app for your business. There is only one Telegram app.

To create a Telegram account for your business, you should:

  1. Download the Telegram app for your device. There are download options available for iOS, Android, Windows, /Linux, and MacOS. So for mobile, desktop or for web.
  2. Click on the 'Start Messaging' button.
  3. Fill in your country and business phone number.
  4. Click on the tick icon in the top right corner to receive a verification code.
  5. Fill in the code to verify your phone number.
  6. Enter your name and fill out your profile.


When using Telegram for your business

When using Telegram for your business, consider following these best practices to maximize the platform’s capabilities:

  • Use relevant keywords for your group or channel name and description
  • Make use of QR-codes and chat-links to encourage users to contact you directly
  • Add your Telegram chatbot to your group chat so that you can check your customer data later
  • Make sure your communication is relevant for your customers. Don’t send messages that can come across as spam. Because users will block you.
  • Establish an instant connection with new customers. Unlike other messaging apps, Telegram does not have a 24 messaging window. You can really keep the conversation going!

Telegram as a messaging platform that can help your business to offer personalized and relevant customer support. On channels that your customers use. So sign up for an account and start building your customer base.

Manage your Telegram account with Trengo

Want to make the most of customer support on Telegram? And add Telegram as a channel to your inbox? Contact us at Trengo. We will make sure that all members of your team can managing communication via one inbox.

Try Trengo for free for 14 days.

Renske Start
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