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Aug 13, 2021
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Want to start selling for business on A business sales account offers many advantages. For example, you have access to millions of consumers in the Netherlands and Belgium, you only pay for the products you sell, and you have a new sales space in no time at all without start-up costs.

In this blog, you will read how to start selling on, how to become one of the platform's star players and how to work together behind the scenes as efficiently as possible.

Why you want to sell business on has an estimated 10% market share in the Netherlands. The number of third-party sales on the online platform grew by as much as 110% in Q4 2020*. If you sell through, you therefore have access to a large share of Dutch consumers.

Also, our research report shows, that 41% of Dutch consumers like to order from a large online shop like It is familiar and the selection is large. If you want to start selling for business on, it's good to think about a clear strategy. Once you are a seller, how do you make sure you stand out from the competition?

Here's how to get started as a business sales partner at

If you choose to sell business via, you must first register as a sales partner. To do so, you have to take the following steps:

Check whether your offer is suitable

Quality and reliability are very important to After all, the consumer buys something with the label attached. Therefore, your first step is to check the conditions and sales rights. Do you meet these? Then you can become a partner

Sign up as a sales partner

Signing up is simple: you create a business sales account via the website. You will then receive a verification code by letter within 3 working days. Once you activate it, you can start selling immediately.

Start selling

From now on, you have access to the millions of consumers who surf to But if you want to get more out of your business account and become a star player, you've only just begun.A more detailed step-by-step plan? Then go to's partner programme.

Become's star player

Do you want to stand out to consumers? Then just putting your products on sale is not enough. stands for good customer service. The better you perform as a business partner, the more likely your products will be shown in the sales block. In short, the better your service, the better you score.

Adhere to service standards

To ensure that customers get the quality they expect, has set up a number of service standards. These include on-time delivery of products, good accessibility and quick response time. Each of these service standards ensures that good service is highly valued. Take advantage of them and tick them all off.

Provide clear information

A potential customer wants to see all the information about your product at a glance. Make sure you feed customers with as much relevant information about your product as possible. What are the dimensions? What benefits does the product have? And what material is the product made of? This way, you minimise the chance of customer queries. Does a customer still have a question? Then this is your chance to provide good and fast service.

Ask customers for a review

A good review is essential to become a star player on And if you don't dare, you don't win. Therefore, always ask your customers for a review. This can be done at different times: for example, after receiving the product or after contacting customer service. Our advice is to automate this process, that way you don't have to think about it and the question is always off.

3 tips to be the most efficient partner

Proactive customer service takes time. A customer service platform like Trengo integrates all your communication channels into one inbox. This helps you manage your channels efficiently and improves team collaboration. It also offers opportunities to automate your customer service. This way, you work efficiently together behind the scenes for the ideal customer experience on and all your other channels.

1. Choose the right customer engagement platform

You might recognise that a customer query has come in and you are not sure if a colleague has already picked up the query. You search for the message on all your different channels, but you can't find it directly. Cumbersome. And it doesn't have to be this way. In Trengo, you instantly see all your incoming messages from every channel (including in one shared inbox. This way, you and your team never have to click back and forth between different screens again.

2. Pick out the right integrations

If you have a sales account, you can create a link between your own computer system and your business account. If you then make a change in your own system, this will also appear immediately in your offer. There are also several parties that offer integrations. Depending on your product, you can link the Trengo platform to Lightspeed and Picqer, for example.

3. Automate customer service

If you receive a lot of the same questions, you often type back pretty much the same message. With Trengo, you can use quick replies to answer frequently asked questions. You can also activate rules so that, for example, questions about returns always go to the same colleague or set up automatic replies outside opening hours. This way, the customer always gets an answer and you simplify your customer service process.

Start today

Become a star performer on Put the customer first. Answer quickly, provide the customer with the right information and make sure you can be reached anytime, anywhere. Trengo's customer service platform makes this effortless. Close your free trial today and try it out for yourself.

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