Leveraging WhatsApp business for ecommerce business in 2024

May 13, 2022
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Want to connect with global customers faster? WhatsApp makes it possible for your business to reach customers fast, in the way that’s most convenient for them. That means you can answer your customers’ questions quickly, convert more queries to sales, and earn more repeat visits – all while making it easier for your customer support team to manage those conversations for seamless service.

Which WhatsApp is right for your store? There are three different versions:

  • WhatsApp, for individuals to socialize with friends and family
  • WhatsApp Business, for use by one individual business owner
  • WhatsApp Business API for multiple business users.

In this post, we’ll focus on the WhatsApp Business API and what it can do for you and your team.

As an e-commerce business owner, it’s safe to say that one of your top priorities is to respond to customers quickly when they reach out to you before they get impatient and move on to another store. To meet that goal and nurture those customers through the sales funnel, you’ll need effective business tools. With WhatsApp for Business API, you can reach your customers in real-time and on their preferred channel: text.

According to a 2022 Forbes.com article, “Customers are communicating through text messages with businesses and this is increasing in 2022. A few years back, text messaging was dead due to social networks. Now things have changed and customers are saying ’YES’ to text messages. This includes SMS and WhatsApp messaging about deals, news, and customer services.”

Using WhatsApp for your e-commerce store

How can you leverage WhatsApp on your e-commerce store? How can you manage all your messages from WhatsApp and other communication channels and still deliver a satisfying customer experience?

The solution is integration with Trengo. Trengo combines all of your communication channels like WhatsApp Business, email, Facebook, Google Business, Instagram DM, Twitter, etc., into one inbox. So, your team can manage all of your channels on one screen – and all of your customer conversations across whatever platforms they use to reach you.

Besides this, you can connect Trengo to your webshop software, such as Magento, WooCommerce, or Shopify, so your team can access important order details, shipping status, and other customer information within Trengo. When there’s no more switching back and forth between screens, it’s easier to create a seamless customer service experience – and the experience is better for your employees, too.

Trengo’s single-view platform allows for faster responses to your customer’s questions, easier team member collaboration and ticket assignments, access to complete customer histories, flowbot creation to speed up workflows, rules creation to enhance automated messages, and much more.

Ready to get started with WhatsApp Business and Trengo for your store? Here's what we’ll cover:

  • What is a WhatsApp for Business integration?
  • How to Integrate WhatsApp Business with Trengo
  • How to Integrate your e-commerce website with WhatsApp via Trengo
  • Using WhatsApp for Business and Trengo for better customer service.

What is a WhatsApp for Business integration?

WhatsApp for Business integration with Trengo basically combines all of the features of both WhatsApp and Trengo into one platform (Trengo), so that you can communicate with your WhatsApp customers and your customers that use other channels, like Facebook Messenger, Instagram, etc., all from one screen.

How to integrate WhatsApp Business with Trengo

Before you can integrate WhatsApp Business with your e-commerce web store, you’ll need to integrate WhatsApp Business with Trengo. It’s easy and takes very little time to complete.


First, you’ll need to connect with Trengo’s partner, 360dialog, by applying for the WhatsApp Business API. Before applying, make sure you have chosen the “Scale Plan.” Then, follow the detailed instructions for connecting the WhatsApp Business API using 360dialog.

After you complete the WhatsApp Business API connection, you’ll see your WhatsApp messages on the Trengo platform within 10 minutes.

How to integrate your e-commerce website with WhatsApp via Trengo

The great thing about Trengo’s platform is its all-inclusive customer service conversation management capabilities. For the e-commerce business owner who wants to ramp up their e-commerce customer service to drive sales by using the WhatsApp Business e-commerce integration, Trengo supports Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, Picqre, Lightspeed, and Bol.com.

Integrate Shopify with WhatsApp for Business

Let’s look at the Shopify-WhatsApp for Business integration with Trengo in more detail. Before you can integrate WhatsApp Business with your Shopify web store, you’ll need to integrate your Shopify web store with Trengo. It’s very easy to do and takes only a few minutes. Using your Shopify customer contact details, Trengo brings in the data your team needs to deliver seamless service. Think of data like order history data like Shopify order numbers, shipping and billing information, details about the order itself, and more.

Trengo’s website widget feature makes the Shopify-WhatsApp Business integration possible.  The website widget allows you to add a WhatsApp chat button to your e-commerce store. This button opens the WhatsApp application on smartphones, desktops, and laptops, so your Shopify customers can message you on the website.

whatsapp business integration for e-commerce

Integrate WooCommerce or Magento with WhatsApp for Business

You can also integrate Magento or WooCommerce with WhatsApp for Business. Trengo’s Help Center has easy-to-follow instructions for integration for your specific e-commerce platform. Just click on any of the links below for help with your integration:

Using WhatsApp for Business and Trengo for better customer service

After you integrate WhatsApp for Business and your e-commerce store via Trengo, you’ll have access to the many tools within Trengo. These make managing customer conversations easier and faster, so your business saves time and money while delighting customers.

Here are a few other benefits this integration delivers:

  • You can send marketing automation updates from your webshop software via WhatsApp, so your customers get order confirmations, shipping updates, payment requests, and other information faster.
  • With WhatsApp for Business, you get end-to-end encryption so your messages are always secure.
  • Your customer service team can complete a sale from WhatsApp for Business within the Trengo platform so they never have to switch screens between applications.
  • Multiple agents can answer customers’ questions. That means customers get answers quicker, which increases customer satisfaction and makes them more likely to complete a purchase.
  • You can create rules using a flowbot to automate tasks like sending customers info on current promotions or order status updates.

For example: You can use the flowbot to ask your customer “Which department would you like to talk to?” and give them the options of: Sales, Support, or Finance. This helps to route the question to the right team member.

  • Your team can collaborate via a private message window that’s invisible to customers. That helps the team deliver more accurate answers to their customers in real-time, which reduces callbacks and frustration.

If you want more guidance or have questions about integrating your applications or any of Trengo’s tools, our support team is always here to help you along the way, with the same kind of fast, seamless service we help our customers to provide.

FAQs for WhatsApp Business e-commerce integrations

Is it possible to integrate WhatsApp with Salesforce?

Yes, you can connect Trengo and Salesforce with Zapier.

What are some WhatsApp e-commerce use cases?

Hubo, a home improvement retailer with 180 store locations in the Netherlands uses Whatsapp via Trengo to serve customers at 130 of their stores. Hubo receives 500 orders a day through WhatsApp. One Hubo store owner gets 60% of his revenue from WhatsApp. Read Hubo’s success story.

Muntstad, an auto manufacturer in the Netherlands uses mostly WhatsApp to connect with their customers and they say "With Trengo, our response time is less than a minute during 90% of all cases." Read more about Muntstad’s success with Trengo.

Can I add a WhatsApp share button to Shopify?

Yes, you can easily add a WhatsApp chat button to your Shopify store.

Can I automate WhatsApp messages?

Yes, using Trengo’s auto-replies feature.

Are you ready to integrate WhatsApp Business with your e-Commerce website via Trengo so you can serve your customers more effectively? You can get started here.

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