How Alfrink Cosmetics streamlined their lead generation process

“Our goal was to streamline our lead generation process, on all channels, while ensuring a personalised approach. In the process we've achieved a 70% higher response rate."
Alfrink Cosmetic

70% increased response rate

5x faster handling time

10+ languages offered

Eindhoven, The Netherlands
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Challenge: reaching customers and generating leads

Alfrink Cosmetics wants to reach thousands of vendors across Europe, and follow up on leads generated from social media campaigns. But working with Excel sheets and just their WhatsApp channel, the team found that the process was painstakingly slow and ineffective.

They wanted to find a way to consistently engage their customers. To expand their reach, increase engagement with leads and better the customer journey through personalisation. And Excel simply wasn't cutting it.

So Alfrink Cosmetics looked for a solution that would help them to reach customers through all popular channels, like Facebook, phone, and WhatsApp. A solution that allowed them to reach their audience easily, generate leads and support their multilingual customer base.

Solution: a multichannel approach

When you check in with the Alfrink team, you'll find that now they're able to engage their customers instantly, via preferred channels and in their own language. How? All through an integration with the Meta business suite, Trengo, and their CRM.

With Trengo, Alfrink Cosmetics has put together a personalised and branded communication flow that takes out manual admin work, like adding contacts to lists and updating Excel sheets.

Multichannel customer journey

This is what that looks like: 

1. The Alfrink flow is activated when a customer fills out their details for their lead campaign;

2. this information is automatically updated in Trengo

3. the customer receives a follow-up message on their preferred channel, such as WhatsApp;

From a customer's perspective, leads experience personalised communication based on their preferred language. While the Alfrink team can follow up without needing to put in extra effort. Their follow ups are automatically happening within seconds, aligned with Alfrink Cosmetics’ brand tone of voice, and always connected to the CRM so lead profiles are updated.

Result: a full pipeline

Alfrink Cosmetics’s hard earned leads are no longer lost in Excel sheets. Plus their multichannel flow allows the team to use the right channels to engage customers in their preferred language. They see the results of this approach in their increased response rate, now that they're personalising communication based on channels and language the response rate is 70% higher.

The team has also experienced a handling time that's 5 times faster than before. Freed of the bulk of manual tasks and because of automation, the Alfrink Cosmetics’ team’s productivity and morale is at an all time high.

Alfrink Cosmetic


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