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BAS World's collects leads 24/7, without extra effort

"We didn't want to miss out on opportunities and consistently generate leads, even outside of business hours."

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BAS World
Veghel, The Netherlands

BAS World is the biggest truck and trailer dealer in Europe. The company sells used trucks, machines, vans, semi-trailers, and even firetrucks. From their modern headquarters in Veghel, The Netherlands, you can see thousands of vehicles being prepared and waiting to get sold.

Every day, BAS World's sales team gets a lot of messages from businesses that want to either sell or buy vehicles. In order to give every inquiry the attention it deserves, the team uses Trengo.

The challenge: lead generation

BAS World wants to consistently attract a high number of international leads. But their funnel consists of leads conversing in various languages, that need prompt responses before they drop off. On top of that, leads often visit the website over the weekend when the office is closed, leading to potential oversights. To avoid missing opportunities, it's crucial to have a solution that automatically collects leads, outside office hours, without asking time and effort from the team.

What was happening before?

"Because of the growing amount of daily inquiries of customers that speak a lot of different languages, we were struggling to reply to messages in a timely manner", says Fleur van Heertum, sales employee at Bas World. "Besides that, there was always a possibility of missing out on leads because it wasn't possible to contact us outside of business hours."

That's why the BAS World team started looking for a way to simplify generating leads, and smooth out their journey and salesfunnel — even outside of business hours.

The solution: 24/7 automated lead generation

Through Trengo, the BAS World team successfully managed their leads, regardless of office hours.

  • Transforming live chats to leads: Recognising the need to respond promptly, automation was set up to handle scheduling appointments, requesting quotations, or send leads detailed product information. So the team was able to focus on servicing the leads rather than admin.
  • Personalised approach: Speaking the local language is important when engaging with leads. Currently, the automation supports over 10 languages, including Dutch, English, Spanish, and French, enhancing the customer journey flow.
  • Optimising integration: To ensure seamless lead management, all collected leads are integrated straight into the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). This integration allows the team to pick up the outside of business hours leads efficiently—no more misalignment among the team members.

Their approach now looks like this

Because of automation, specifically the chat and bots, BAS World's website visitors are automatically met with a flow in their language of choice. Leads can now go through a flow presenting multiple choice questions. Persuading them towards confidently making a 'purchase decision', think setting an appointments, requesting quotations, or receive more information.

"We offer our flowbot in no less than 13 languages, which is pretty unique in our market," says Bram van Buul, portal- and web specialist at BAS World. "You can interact with our flowbot in English, Dutch, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Croatian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Russian, and Arabic. I think those were all of them," he says with a smile.

Of course there's still the option for a website visitor to either talk to one of BAS World's sales employees or finish the automated conversation.

"We receive the conversations in our inbox, or straight into our ERP system."

Even outside of business hours

For every language they offer, BAS World can also activate their flow outside of business hours. "Here, our website visitors can still go through the flow, but they can't choose to be forwarded to one of our employees. This way, we can still collect leads outside of our business hours," says Fleur.

The results: a personalised, consistent funnel

  • Increased lead generation: Through live chats, leads are prompted to leave their details.
  • Increased engagement: Leads respond faster when the forms are in their preferred language.
  • Fast(er) service: Through the automation, the team is able to work faster and more efficiently especially when answering simple and repetitive questions.
"The flowbot saves us a lot of time because it asks a lot of simple but necessary questions for us. This way, we have a lot of information before we get in contact with customers. This helps us to offer better service."

Making the most of opportunities

Trengo's live chat is causing BAS World's visitors to get in contact with the sales department faster than before. "Customers that were only browsing and didn't necessarily contact us, are now actually doing so via live chat, WhatsApp or the flowbot. It's more accessible and less time-consuming for them too," says Fleur.

So yes, the BAS team now saves time for the sales team and the customers, but more importantly they see their improvements reflect back in their revenue. As Bram says: "In the past month alone, we have received a significant increase in orders because of Trengo's automation. Those are amazing results, in which Trengo has played an important role."

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