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How Club Cañada increased conversion through effective communication

"In Trengo we saw a very human interface, very easy to use and very intuitive."

localisation on every channel
increase in lead generation
increase in team efficiency
Club Cañada
Leisure industry
120+ employees

In an environment where security and trust are key to the bond with customers, customer service is of vital importance. Allan Luna, Editorial Director at Club Cañada, knows all about it.

The organisation provides swimming lessons, where they teach methodologies to acquire skills in the water. Equally, their work had to show people that they can see water as a form of survival. Communication with their customers is both constant and multichannel, having to deal with a high volume of requests on a daily basis.

With a staff of more than 120 employees, more than 6000 families who can access its services and the arrival of the pandemic, Club Cañada suffered one of the most hectic years having to respond daily to the concerns of customers.


The increase in users and the unexpected pandemic of COVID-19 filled the Club Cañada mailboxes with questions and demands that had to be addressed as quickly and efficiently as possible. Before meeting Trengo, the most common communication channel was Whatsapp, where communication became very difficult because of the 6 different numbers. Cañada Club understood that they had to find a platform that would allow them to unify all the communication channels in order to:

  • Establish a fluid and timely conversation with the client.
  • Have a history of all touchpoints.
  • To be able to create customer profiles and an overview of their requests in order to satisfy their concerns quickly.

More automation, more time gained

“Being able to respond quickly is vital. We know that time is money.”

1. Club Cañada chose Trengo as their customer service platform to make communication more efficient through their channels: email, live chat, WhatsApp, messages on Google My Business plus Facebook.

2. Automation through rules and tags allowed them to create a profile of the type of customer to know whether they were a prospect, or on the contrary if they had already enjoyed a previous experience at Club Cañada.

3. The team also installed a Flowbot without the need to know how to code. And it allowed them to automate answers to the most common user questions, freeing up time for their call center. The team was now able to answer other more complex requests.

The impact: a 30% increase in conversions

One area where every business wants to make an impact is in its conversions (its revenue). Club Cañada has done just that since the implementation of the tool, increasing the number of customers by 30%.

The business has not only noticed an improvement in internal communication but has also improved the customer experience by offering faster and more efficient conversations.

This improvement in communication and in monitoring customer needs has resulted in savings in time and effort, which has ultimately translated into financial gains as well.

"Communication is the cornerstone of trust."

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