How Trengo helped Huakai increase sales and decrease response time by 50%

"Since working with Trengo we are able to manage many more tasks with the same amount of staff."

3x more requests handled per day

Reponse time decreased by 50%

500 conversations per day

Madrid, Spain
Hospitality / Tourism
20 employees
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These were the words of Laura Alvarez, in charge of the commercial department at Huakai, a tour operator that organises tailor-made trips for travellers of similar ages. Whose main objective is to enjoy a new experience.

The opening of borders after the covid and the inherent desire of people to travel made Huakai receive a volume of more than 500 messages per day through its various communication channels.

Since implementing Trengo, Huakai has been able to better manage its communication channels, automate repetitive tasks and ultimately improve its metrics.

“Trengo helped us to raise much more lead volume, thereby also generating more sales.”

We tell you how they did it.

The challenge

“The solution Huakai was looking for was to centralise all channels through which customers send us messages.”

The travel sector generates a high volume of requests, questions and incidents to be resolved that fill inboxes with messages. Especially during high season. At Huakai, convinced that customer service is key to the success of their company, they sought a platform that would allow them to:

  • Unify all their communication channels in a single interface.
  • Be able to communicate more efficiently through WhatsApp, one of the most used channels.
  • Be able to automate conversations and tasks to have more efficient processes.
  • Achieve an easy-to-integrate tool.
“The Huakai onboarding experience was very fast and also very clear and straightforward. The Trengo team helped a lot.”

Integration with WhatsApp was key

Most of Huakai's messages and leads come in through WhatsApp. It was obvious that the company was looking for a solution that would help optimise communication through this channel.

"The automated replies and quick responses have helped us a lot, especially with answering the FAQs we get from our travellers."

And faced with such an avalanche of requests, the integration of their channels into a single interface where they could collaborate between the different team members and profile users was decisive in achieving the communication objectives they had set themselves.

Result: optimisation of their time and increased sales

When a platform really helps you, it doesn't take long to see results. That's what happened to Huakai when, after working with Trengo for a few months:

  • They decreased their response time by 50%.
  • Optimised communication with their customers, being able to handle three times more requests per day.
  • Increased lead acquisition and, consequently, their sales.



favourite Trengo functionalities

Feature ·
Gauge customer satisfaction with your service and improve your processes with automated surveys.
Feature ·
Monitor conversation volume, track agent performance, and ensure you’re making the right moves for a successful future.
Feature ·
Deliver information to customers even when your team is offline with pre-written and automated responses.
Feature ·
Multichannel inbox
Gain a full overview of all incoming conversations and ensure your team can do their work efficiently with internal commenting.
Feature ·
WhatsApp Business
Bring your message directly to customers on the most used channel in Europe, supported by all its key marketing features.
Feature ·
Quick replies
Cut time, maintain brand tone, and stay consistent with team-created canned responses for any situation.
“We are doing more with same number of team members.”
Riyad Samad
Company ·
Lafontaine Hotels & Resorts
Laura Alvarez
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