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How Jamani's customer service team saves time with Trengo

"Jamani uses Trengo to efficiently handle more than 1000 daily customer conversations via email, live chat, and WhatsApp."

Jamani Group
The Netherlands

If the name Jamani group doesn't ring a bell, her subsidiaries may:,,, and De Arend. The company founded by Niels Verwij, Jarno Goesten, and Maurice Rustwat grows steadily and keeps building new webshops.

When an e-commerce business grows, the number of daily customer inquiries grows just as fast. That's why Jamani decided to bring all their customer communication channels together in one place. All conversations via email, live chat, WhatsApp, and Facebook are managed in Trengo.

The challenge: unifying communication

As a management intern, Max Middelkoop had the task to improve customer service. "We used a lot of different communication channels, all of them separate. We used a different tool for each channel and we were planning to add another: WhatsApp. It became difficult to keep a clear overview," says Max.

When all customer service teams had to start working from home during the corona crisis, Jamani was faced with another challenge. Making phone calls with customers had become way more difficult. And especially during a period like this, being available is essential.

The solution: all conversations in one inbox

In his search for a solution, Max found Trengo. "We have now connected communication channels from all Jamani webshops to Trengo," says Max. "Our company is growing fast, and with that, the number of users in Trengo also rapidly grows. At this point, we handle more than 1000 conversations in the inbox on a daily basis."

"We have connected all of Jamani's communication channels to Trengo."

During the beginning of the corona crisis, the Jamani team had to move fast to be available to their customers. "We were already setting up Trengo, but had to speed up the process to get our live chat online as fast as possible," says Max.

In Jamani's widget, you can pick your favorite communication channel: from live chat to email, WhatsApp, or Facebook Messenger. You can even get access to their help center via the widget. Here, you can find information about placing an order, their returning policy, and their delivery methods.

The result: conversations are being handled faster

Anissa Oualite is the team lead at the customer service team of Dekbed-Discounter. "We are very happy with the layout of the inbox. It's very user-friendly and accessible. For example, it's very easy to see how many conversations are currently being handled per channel," she says.

At the beginning of each new month, Anissa's team reviews the performance of last month. "By viewing the statistics in Trengo, you can easily discover your team's best qualities. It also comes in handy when working remotely," says Anissa.

"We are very happy with the user-friendly and accessible layout."

By connecting their communication channels to Trengo, the Jamani team no longer has to switch between tabs all day. All conversations can be viewed in one overview, which helps them to maintain focus. "That simply saves us time," says Max. "Conversations with customers are being picked up a lot faster than before."

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