A multichannel and -touch experience ensures Motorparts connects with customers

'The team has the rest and peace they need, as we have a single source of truth in one interface.'

40% higher team efficiency

9 connected channels

5 integrations

Drunen, The Netherlands
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Challenge: connecting customers, traders and simplifying communication

Motorparts Online features an extensive network of traders offering a huge range of over 200,000 motorbike parts for customers across Europe. As an intermediary between the customers and traders, the Motorparts Online team faced a few major challenges to their customer engagement strategy, including:

  • Managing multiple customers touch points on Facebook, Instagram, email, WhatsApp. Their team was overwhelmed by moderating conversations across platforms and felt they could be missing critical detail in flipping between platforms.
  • Duplicate conversations across multiple platforms were negatively impacting team resolution time.
  • Connecting a large volume of conversations between customer and trader was extremely manual and often missed opportunities to spot improvements to their customer experience.

Solution: a multichannel inbox with API integrations

The managers noticed that when customers questions are not answered quickly, the same questions crop up across different platforms, which overwhelms the team. Needing a practical solution, the team started looking for an all-round communication platform to help them increase response rates efficiently. In October 2022, they purchased Trengo and haven’t looked back.

‘With Trengo, we now just have one interface for all of our multiple touch points.’

With Trengo’s multichannel inbox, the team no longer to juggles different tabs. All platform inboxes are now neatly consolidated into one place. Plus, Motorparts Online managers are using labels to track response metrics in their dashboards and are actively spotting opportunities for improvements.

'The team has the rest and peace they need, as we have a single source of truth in one interface.'

With Trengo’s plug-and-play Integration Hub, the team was able to seamlessly integrate their delivery tracker, payment system, marketplace apps, and more. Today, in collaboration with Divtag, their developer team, they have also built a custom integration to supercharge their workflow by successfully linking the chat directly from the platform to their Trengo inbox. The team now enjoys a seamless and efficient workflow, thanks to a few core integrations.

Result: a more efficient and happier team

Both the management and team are pleased with how everything is now integrated seamlessly. The team is no longer overwhelmed by having to switch between multiple platforms and interfaces constantly. And at the same time, the management can effectively save costs as the heavy lifting is done by the integration.

‘Trengo was able to provide the API that we needed, efficiently.’

With Trengo, their lean customer support team boasts a 40% higher efficiency. Freed from the tab-flipping, Motorparts Online’s team morale is at the highest.



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"The transition to Trengo, including all integrations, was successfully handled within a week."
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