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How Muntstad offers fast and efficient service with Trengo

"With Trengo, our response time is less than a minute during 90% of all cases."

The Netherlands
11 locations

If you have ever tried to buy or lease a car in the Netherlands, there's a good chance you came across Muntstad. With eleven locations, Muntstad is one of the most well-known automotive companies in the country. You can visit them to buy a new car from brands such as Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, and Seat, or to have a look at their wide collection of occasions. Besides that, they also take care of maintenance and damage repair.

Needless to say, the Muntstad teams deal with a lot of customer communication on a daily basis, both offline and online. From a quick chat in one of their showrooms to conversations via email, telephone, WhatsApp Business, Facebook Messenger, and live chat. In order to streamline all of this communication efficiently, project manager Cas Verhoef decided to adopt Trengo's customer service software.

How does Muntstad use Trengo?
Our sales teams and after-sales teams use Trengo to manage conversations via multiple channels in one tool. The after-sales teams mostly talk to customers via WhatsApp Business and email, while the sales team can also be reached via Facebook Messenger and the live chat on our website.

Before we started out with Trengo, working together on all these channels was complicated. The previous tool that we used didn't allow for any collaboration. And that's crucial for us, especially since we work together with many different locations and teams. With Trengo, our teams can easily pick up conversations, assign them to a colleague, and collaborate on answering our customer's questions.

Which communication channel is the most popular with your customers?
We answer about a thousand chats in Trengo every month, of which about ninety percent come in via WhatsApp Business. In the past few months, we have sold more than twenty cars to customers who first got in contact with us via WhatsApp.

"In the past few months, we have sold more than twenty cars to customers who first got in contact with us via WhatsApp."

Besides that, we get more and more messages via Trengo's live chat on our website. The chat is only active on certain pages on which we usually get sales-related questions, such as the product pages. A lot of other live chat providers don't offer that.

How do you ensure that messages end up with the right teams?
Our customers tend to ask a lot of different questions on a wide variety of channels, which means that questions don't always end up with the right teams. We prevent this by setting rules in Trengo.

We regularly meet with our online sales employees to discuss which questions repeatedly end up in their inbox, but should actually be answered by the after-sales team. We then try to figure out how to recognize these types of questions by figuring out which words or combinations of words get used often.

"Because of the rules we set, questions automatically end up with the right team."

Next, we create rules in Trengo that automatically label messages that contain these word combinations. An example of a label that we use is 'after-sales inquiry'. Messages with this label automatically get forwarded to our after-sales team. This means we don't have to manually assign messages to the right teams all the time. This efficient way of working helps us to keep our response time below a minute in ninety percent of all our incoming conversations.

How do you look back on your first six months of using Trengo?
From an administrator's perspective, it's amazing to work with Trengo. To name an example, adding a new user is done in seconds. Users can easily send themselves a password reset, instead of having to go to the IT department.

Whenever I have questions, I can always approach Trengo's customer success team. You really get the feeling you're being heard. If I see a point of improvement, the team goes above and beyond to make it happen.

Can you maybe give us an example of this?
We use Microsoft Power BI for our reporting and wanted to also use that for Trengo. That's why a connection had to be made between the two tools. Customer success manager Jurre took this on and made it happen with a great API integration.

"Whenever I have questions, I can always approach Trengo's customer success team. If I see a point of improvement, the team goes above and beyond to make it happen."

How did Muntstad make it happen?

Here are a few things Muntstad did to make Trengo work for them.

1. Connect WhatsApp Business to Trengo
Via Trengo, Muntstad gained access to the official WhatsApp Business API. With that in place, they can manage one WhatsApp Business number with multiple users.

2. Activate live chat on product pages
In order to ensure that live chat messages are only sales- and not service-related, Muntstad only activated their live chat widget on product pages. Learn how you can do this too.

3. Automate workflows with rules
Muntstad set rules to ensure that messages always end up with the right teams. This means that messages with certain keywords automatically get forwarded to the right team. Learn how you can also automate workflows in Trengo.

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